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A week and a day

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I have been in San Francisco a week and a day tonight.  And what a month the last month has been.  Firstly I got two jobs in July.  One was an internship helping a community manager at a code school.  It was unpaid, but an interesting insight into what a community manager does and does not do, and the expectations placed upon them.  the second job I was really starting to enjoy, it was at Mint Salon in midtown.  I was the receptionist and I really enjoyed it, as I liked the people, and, enjoyed the interaction with ‘clients’ as salon customers are called.  It had some room for advancement,  not a lot, but a little and I got free haircuts and discounted services!


But, then I saw a job listing on facebook, from Danny and the job sounded right up my alley, the only problem was it was in San Francisco, so I applied, interviewed and got it!  I then asked Matthew very nicely if I could stay with him and figure out whether the job and I were a good fit and I liked moving so far so suddenly, and boom with two weeks I was on a plane to SF!


The job is  a good fit so far, right now I am an administrative assitant at a start up, and also a personal assistant to the two co founders, and I am enjoying the challenge and dealing with all the problems.  I am still finding my feet and seeing what is expected of me.  But, I am going to Manchester – England, for a convention, and maybe Miami as well later this year.  And I am enjoying bits of SF.  The no car is awesome, public transport FTW!  And I love the tempreture – I should have bought more light jackets with me.  It is an expensive city though, just food is expensive.  But, I went to the local farmers market on the square and got super fresh veggies and fruit.  And I am walking a ton, and sleeping well, after walking roughly 3 miles or so a day on hills.   My goal is to walk more, but I catch the bus to work, as I can’t face walking it in the morning.


My other goal is to leave in time to get coffee in the morning, right now, I just can’t seem to get the timing right.  Oh yeah, I now know about meetings, a lot of meetings, which is new to me.

I treated myself last week and went to The Exploratorium, as the Theo Jansen’s   Strandbeest’s were there which I adore. It was magical seeing them move and up close and reading all the details about them.


On my way back home I saw the most marvelous sight, the full moon just over the bridge:

moon over bridge



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Walking in #sanfrancisco on my way home today, I passed this #magnificent #beast. (at Asian Art Museum)


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Exploring the #exploratium in #SF. Came to see the #strandbeests by Theo Jansen.


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Hodgepodge coffee is having new murals done! One is catlanta. #catlanta #hodgepodge #earlymorning #atlanta (at Hodgepodge Coffee House)

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Sea Slugs That Prove Aliens Already Live On Planet Earth

This is totally what aliens look like.

Why are sea slugs so much prettier than earth slugs?

Boris live at Masquerade

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Boris performing Pink! #Boris #loud #masquerade #packed #show in #hell. (at The Masquerade)

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Giant mushroom on the side of the road. #mushroom #wow (at Atlanta Beltline Trail)

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** TACOS **


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Water slide time, happy birthday Dylan. #happybirthday #dylan #buford (at Buford Dam Lake Lanier)

Oakland Cemetery View

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One of my favourite views of Atlanta, the dichotomy always pleases me. #atlanta #cemetery #skyline #sunday (at Historic Oakland Cemetery)

Happy Sorta Birthday USA

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This last weekend has been quiet, as I have been alone a lot which is super nice and peaceful.  I also got some stuff done on the house, which required a trip to Ikea on Sunday – wow, now I remember why I go during the week.


Anyway, Rick my wonderful handyman, came by and fixed the leaking toilet, hung shelves, hung curtains, and even sorted out hanging pictures.  Whew!  Plus he came back today to start filling in a doorway, so the house has three rooms, not two rooms and a walk through junk room.


Yesterday I grilled out and bought ribeye, woah, I forgot how expensive good meat is, I normally don’t buy meat anymore,  sticking to chicken and fish from Costco, bought in bulk and then frozen in packets.  But, I splurged and Greg was coming for grilling out and I haven’t seen him in almost 6 weeks.  The meal was perfect!  I did the grilling, ribeyes (medium rare), chicken thighs (crispy golden), corn and baked potatoes with truffle salt.  Plus a caprese salad.  I was going to do grilled peaches with mascarpone cheese, but we were full up, and about to leave to go watch the fireworks.


I love the fireworks at Lenox, it is one of my great memories of the USA is watching them and being wowed.  So that is what we did.  We caught MARTA to Buckhead Station and walked on over, it was quick easy and stress free.  Surprisingly this year the cops did not close Peachtree Street off early enough, so there were cars stuck while people watched fireworks.  Which was odd, and a little distracting.  There were some cool colours and newer explosions, and I loved it.  The MARTA back was just as easy and stress free, definitely the way to go.


Today was my first day back at yoga, oooh, I am unfit and stiff, and tight.  Hopefully I will go a bunch this month to release the tension in my shoulders and back.


Back Home

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Well, I am back home from South Africa, I spent almost a month home, not doing much, just spending time with my mom. It is hard to believe my mom is almost 70! She doesn’t look it or act it. But, she is sick really sick.

She has colon cancer – get checked, this had no symptoms for years :(. Plus because it was undiagnosed for so long she has tumors in her lungs and on her liver. There will be no remission, she will die from this, the question is getting it under control and therefore treating her.

The problems are many. First off is that because she was so tired and exhausted she developed Deep Vein Thrombosis, which means she is on warfarin to treat the blood, which means any iron rich foods are out, and green leafy vegetables and citrus. Then chemo wipes out the good and bad cells, but she can’t rebuild as fast due to diet from warfarin and then she doesn’t want to eat as food tastes gross to her due to chemo, and to add to this she has developed a gluten allergy due to cheme aargh!

I am glad i went home to help and try manage bits and pieces and explain the whys to my mom, we found gluten free bread and pasta. And got her eating lots of other fruit and yoghurt and vegetables. But after I left her immune count went way down, so no uncooked fruit, no going walking in the mall – which we did a lot of, no people, just when she started wanting to learn to crochet to keep her hands busy, and limited cheese and yoghurt. So more stuff to worry about.

I did love being home, seeing my cousins, seeing my friend Paul and just being a place I don’t talk funny 🙂 and I can be understood and I can eat things I miss – french toast with bacon and banana and my weight in granadillas and guavas.

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To add to the slew of tiny cure photos, taken from the lawn, my contribution. The show was great, a good mix of hits old and new and the odd unusual song. All to be shared in the Georgia heat with 21000 of your fellow fans! #thecure #lawnseats #hot #georgia #atlanta (at Lakewood Amphitheatre)

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Selfie in the sun and enjoying a fantastic day! #mommyandme #joburg (at Heia-Safari Ranch,JHB)

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