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My apartment feels like a flower shop from all the lovely flowers I got for my birthday. So lovely. I can’t believe the variety and colours. #flowers #proteas #peonies #lilies (at San Francisco, California)

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Listen/purchase: Across The Depths of Seven Lakes by Picture One

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Wow I made it to 2020. #happybirthday #shelterinplace2020 (at San Francisco, California)

Past Present Now

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My morning in three pictures

Before coffee
Coffee ☕️
After coffee

#monday (at San Francisco, California)


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Pictures from yesterday! My new shirt from @currentelliott / @thevampireswife collaboration. My lovely peonies and diary. Some neat graffiti and signs all over SOMA here in #sf. #posing #shelterinplace2020 #peonies #hobonichi (at San Francisco, California)

i don’t know

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my birthday next week. 9 weeks, of shelter in place. i don’t know if i can keep doing it. i try so hard to keep it together, i talk to others, i make plans to do dance night, movie night etc. but i am so lonely, i go to farmers market, i go to work once, sometimes twice a week alone, the office is quiet, normally just me and others in and out.

today i worked out over zoom, took a long bathe, and made lunch. read my book and started to make bread. i am also making cookies, and will start the bo ssam pork roast and tmr i will make the butter chicken as i have all the ingredients. but, food is about sharing, i want some one else to eat with me, comment, give me feedback.

i am tired, tired tired.

Bread – Sourdough

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With my sourdough starter from @ichbinjmh today I made a huge loaf of very tasty bread! Crunchy crust, soft interior. With the starter discard I made some crumpets! The honey melted in very quickly but the contrast of honey and sourdough crumpet was sublime. The savory ones I topped with a scattering of cheese and scallions, plus some avo! A good lunch. #sourdoughbread #baking #sf #shelterinplace (at San Francisco, California)


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Guess whose starter is out of control! Let me know if you need some! (at San Francisco, California)

How Long?

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48 days and counting, almost 8 weeks.

I have not learnt a new skill, mastered a new language, deep cleaned my apartment, gotten super fit etc.

I have, cooked, eaten, slept, worked out and lived.

Which is harder? People talk about grief and depression, I feel bad for them. I am sad, but not depressed, I am upset but not angry. When I moved to SF I was depressed. When my relationship ended I was depressed, and battled. But now? I am just sad. We are a people on a single planet with no empathy. We live in a marvellous world and we barely look up. We value experiences as much as we can post a video or photo. We live to work, not work to live.

I don’t want that. I made these choices a long time ago, what I wanted and what I value. This has made it clearer. I still don’t miss TV, or more stuff, oh, I miss the camaraderie around it, but I don’t miss the desire to see what happens. Most stuff seems pointlessly cruel and mean spirited.

I miss having a partner with me, to cook with, to do things with, to talk over ideas with. To hold hands with. To go on walks with, debate what to cook, and disagree with.

SF is prettier without all the traffic and rush and clusterness of people, but now also highlights the intense unequal distribution of wealth. So many have nots, due to so many factors, and everyone wants an easy answer. But, unless the USA starts helping out with mental health and loses the ‘pull you up by the bootstraps’ scenario/dream, it is not happening.

hair and out and about

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Did my hair and make up today – look I know how to do eyeliner still! For my social distancing walk to Embarcadero! Watched a giant ship dwarf the bay bridge as it came in, and to show I am eating healthy my lovely breakfast of strawberries, blueberries, passion fruit, greek yogurt and a smidge of granola. #shelterinplace #containership #baybridge #sf #breakfast (at San Francisco, California)


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Very empty street in sf today around midday. #shelterinplace #sf #downtown (at San Francisco, California)

Flowers, Ring

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Today I treated myself to flowers at the Farmer’s Market and on Sunday I found a wishbone ring that fits my thumb perfectly. #beauty #protea #ring (at San Francisco, California)


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I kept feeling Badtzi around me last night, like he came back to take me with him, I miss my kitties so much, but him more than anything. He was so smart and so sweet.

Maybe he misses me? And wants to come with him?

It is the second death feeling I have had in a week. Last week it was the death of a dog, which seems to be a portent for the death of a friend. I hope I am wrong.

Sutro Baths Trip

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Today’s excursion, all the wildflowers are in bloom and although everything was grey, seeing the sea was immensely soothing. #shelterinplace2020 #sutrobaths #wildflowers

Happy Birthday Mommy

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You would be 73 today!

I love you