This last weekend on walk around lake! Such lovely wildlife and plants. Saw ripening blackberries ( are some too) and lichen and so many dragonflies #weekend #bullardsbar #walk #flowers (at Bullards Bar Reservoir)

Saw my Granny Hilda today, she is almost 97, still has her teeth and sight and walking. She is hard of hearing but still going strong in all other ways. #granny #goingon97 #southafrica (at Gauteng)

Those who know, know! Always certain things in cities: international cafe/hotel, and the club ( alias le club), but I found an extra White Horse 😂 #sf #walking #newcitysameshit #😂 (at San Francisco, California)

Today I went snorkeling of the Marietas Islands near Puerto Miata and saw: blue-footed boobies, sting rays, golden puffer fish, sturgeon, trumpet fish, in fact so many fish. The birds (blue-footed boobies) were amazing with their young. The sting rays