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Went to @ferrybuilding Friday and Saturday and saw these cute birds guarding the railings! Plus lovely flowers at the #farmersmaket and walking around. The sky was so clear yesterday and the colours everywhere so vibrant. #weekend walks. #birds #flowers #sky (at Ferry Building Farmers Market)

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Sunset tonight with a sliver of the moon showing. Love the colours in the sky tonight. #sf #sunset #moon (at San Francisco, California)

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Cleaning up some stuff while in Atlanta and found two things that show I haven’t changed much. Fantastic comic from South Africa #bitterkomix #antonkannemeyer and an industrial/alternative zine. #alicedoesnt #southafrica90s (at Atlanta, Georgia)

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My happy place! #records. #homeawayfromhome #lps #vinyl #dusty @waxnfacts #atlanta #littlefivepointsatlanta (at Wax’n’Facts)

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Flew to Atlanta yesterday. From an orange skied San Francisco! I can say #delta was amazing: super great about boarding, mask wearing was enforced, gave out snack bags and extra sanitizer and wipes. Plus the middle seat was kept open. 10/10 @delta #flyingincovid #atlanta #orangesky

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Oh happy day! I got my new book #fangs by @sarahandersencomics Love it! And I wore my new jumpsuit from @currentelliott which fits! #black #bluehair #bookdaymail #sf (at San Francisco, California)

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I have incredibly talented friends! First up @luckyravenpottery made this beautiful hat charm. And I cannot wait to get mini sewing kit to add it to my hat. #pottery #luckyravenpottery (at San Francisco, California)

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The haze and orangey sky are from the wildfires close by. The sky is beautiful and it smells like smoke so sadly not healthy. #wildfireseason #2020 #sanfrancisco (at San Francisco, California)

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Saturday evening I walked up the hill to capture the gorgeous sunset. While today I walked down to the @ferrybuilding to get a @bluebottle cappuccino and liege waffle. #sf #weekends #sunset (at San Francisco, California)

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Random scenes from my walks:

I love the brutalist fountain down at the @ferrybuilding and this view just captured my eye.

The full moon the other night from window at moonrise.

Then the @rickyratcomix paste graffiti.

The Dashiell Hammett lane, always makes me happy.

And more graffiti that was painted over within a day. #sf #shelterinplace #walks (at San Francisco, California)

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I made two trips to the @ferrybuilding this weekend, one Friday afternoon and stopped @verjus_sf for a to go lunch. Served on my brand new cutting board from Christopher Farrington. The second trip was more spur of the moment and I got a tart from @smooch_tartshop for an afternoon treat. I tried the mango 🥭 passion fruit. Yummy. #weekendwalks #cuttingboard #tart (at San Francisco, California)

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Social distancing reminders and signs around:

#panthier @cartier

#whey @cowgirlcreamery

#baguette @acmebreadsf

Poor Oliver looking sad 😞. #sf #shelterinplace2020 (at San Francisco, California)

Challenge Accepted

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#challengeaccepted thank you @nrf.itness #womansupportingwomen #femicide so the origins of this challenge are murky, but it has come to support saying no to violence against woman, which is not a radical thought, but all over the world woman are still second class citizens, in work, in owning businesses, in their reproductive choices and more aspects of their lives. (at San Francisco, California)

Peach Galette

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What did I do this weekend? Well I made this lovely peach galette! The peaches at the farmers market have been amazing. #peachseason #sf #bakingthroughpandemic (at San Francisco, California)

Plum Buckle

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So when someone gives you a huge amount of super ripe plums from their tree, what do you do? If me you rush about and make a plum buckle with crunchy sugar topping! Then with the rest you make a plum compote (basically stewed plums with very little sugar) and freeze it for later. Thank you @krimhum 🥧 (at San Francisco, California)