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Pagan Mask, Mailler Phong



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Things I have to much of are weird, number one is honey! I have about 8 jars of honey, all different, all wonderful, but who the &@$% needs that much honey? Then sugar I have: brown sugar, raw sugar, white sugar, icing sugar, castor sugar, palm sugar, rose petal sugar, lemon sugar and that is the sugar I know off the top of my head! Sugar I use different kinds in baking, but still, it seems a little excessive. I used to have 9 types of flour too, but I had to throw a bunch out as it goes weird, especially almond flour and coconut flour.

Funnily enough food wise, I buy mostly just enough for me for a week, lots of fruit, some veggies, yogurt and a loaf of bread, then whatever dinner is that week. This week dinner is baked potatoes and broccoli. I rarely get tired of eating the same thing, even packing my lunch daily for work it is pretty much the same: salad, fruit, egg, cheese and sometimes crackers or bread. This week I went by Holeman and Finch bread shop and got ciabatta bread! so yummy! but I treated myself to a small thing of pimento cheese from them as well, so that is in lunch box.

Lunch travels in this:

Bento Lunch box

Bento Lunch box

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Smiling face at my feet, waiting to be parked on. #face #atlanta #graffiti #tarmac #eav #morning

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Phone home. #oldfashioned #telephone #squirrel #purple #graffiti #eav #atlanta #morning

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Phone home. #oldfashioned #telephone #squirrel #purple #graffiti #eav #atlanta #morning


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Up at 7:20 this morning to go walking with Andy, funny how it is July and still not a billion degrees here in Atlanta. Normally it would be awful, but lately not to bad, not great, but not awful.

I need to get some work done on my house, I have a vision, vague, of what I would like, but I need help, someone who can plan it out and then a recommendation for a contractor. I think I want to go for the Martha Stewart cabinets in the kitchen, as I looked at Ikea, and the cabinets just felt so flimsy. Then I would like to redo the floor if I am doing cabinets. I do not have enough artistic vision to design and say this will look good. But, finding a designer/contractor/renovator is hard. I have used Kip, and I liked him, but he is a little out my price range. Making my house more open plan would be great. Two years ago I got new windows, and that was a great, I love them a lot!

Work is work, summer is not super busy, but I wish I could do more at work, sometimes the fact it is owned by two people, who do not want to grow, makes life hard :(. But, I still love seeing records every day. I would like more money though, that would be awesome. I am not sure what I could do part time to make more money.

Scowling man

Scowling man

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I think 1996 on my way out to Nocturnia. #tbt #goth #nocturnia #atlanta #leatherjacket #rosary #ballgown #1996 @schreiberianexpress think you were the DJ or @alabasterjuju 🙂

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Love this look.

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Tommie Sunshine making the club bounce :-). #tommiesunshine #prive #nightlife #djbooth #fun #atlanta (at Prive Nightclub)

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I was blonde for a few months thanks to @alabasterjuju 🙂 #tbt #blonde #2002 #selfie #reading #darkeyebrows #fun

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I saw fireworks the 4th of July at Lenox Mall, they were spectacular! #fireworks #boom #lights #4th #happy #explosions #atlanta #lenoxmall (at Lenox Shopping Mall)

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I saw fireworks the 4th of July at Lenox Mall, they were spectacular! #fireworks #boom #lights #4th #happy #explosions #atlanta #lenoxmall (at Lenox Shopping Mall)

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The hulk explores a chocolate chip cookie. #littletartbakery #thehulk #octanecoffee #cookie #munny #marvel #keychain (at Octane Coffee & The Little Tart Bakery)

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