Thanksgiving weekend

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I am writing code, to be specific, angularjs, doing my final project for the The Iron Yard, i spent a lot of time researching and looking around firstly, but this weekend was code time. It seems really scary to write a full blown app in two weeks and kind of insurmountable, but I figured I would start small and keep building as the weeks progress.

Thanksgiving was nice though, Charlotte cooked tons of food, and we drunk wine and then champagne thanks to her friend Paul. Though, I was the one to knock the wineglass over this year :(, oops.

I also got my new iphone 6 set up, and in a case, so if anyone wants an unlocked 64gb white iphone 5, let me know. It is in perfect shape and comes with all you need.

Did some shopping on Black Friday and mommy got an ipad mini, and the final items on her take back home list :), we had a good time, but not as good as eating cotton candy together at Craft Izakaya, thanks to Greg A for the photo and the awesome company:

Mommy and Me.

Mommy and Me.


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Minimal Viable Product!

This weekend I start building my final project for the Iron Yard and I am nervous, and tense and worried as it will be the biggest thing I have built, but I am trying to remember all the bells and whistles I want to add on to my app and not the most important things, what is important is that I deliver a MVP:

skateboard to car

skateboard to car

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Mommy, the lights and the boys tonight at the Botanical Gardens. #atlanta #nephews # mommy #lights #atlantabotanicalgarden #botanical #garden (at Atlanta Botanical Garden)

Goofballs! Posing in a Firetruck.

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Three goofballs! Mommy and sons 😀 #lookoutmountain #rockcity #nephews #sister #chattanooga #firetruck.

Brothers :)

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Two cute brothers, sort of hugging each other. #nephews #rockcity #sleigh #chattanooga

Weekend Shenanigans

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Monday afternoon already, and I haven’t even finished Sunday night’s sleeping…Saturday, I got up as Greg called and said he was coming over and we were going to make hollandaise sauce, as he had found a fool proof easy recipe online.
He also bought bacon, and bread (both from Holeman and Finch), so I started coffee and heated up the oven and poached some eggs.

The hollandaise sauce recipe was not as easy as described, I read it, and it sounded easy, but the comments offered some tweaks which I thought sounded interesting. While Greg and I were cooking, Desiree texted, as she was in the area she came over and watched as make the first batch – fail – and then the second batch – success-!.

Hollandaise Sauce with Immersion Blender
1 stick of butter – heated to 220°;
1 jumbo whole egg;
1 teaspoon lemon juice;
1 teaspoon water;
salt and pepper to taste.

place egg, lemon juice, water and salt and pepper in immersion container, and start blender, then slowly drizzle scaling hot butter into container, sauce should thicken in under a minute and then serve over eggs, asparagus etc!

And so we sat down to a very tasty breakfast. Then it was time to work on my backbone.js app, which slowly is coming together, and about 4pm, off to Charlotte’s house to go pick up Mommy.

Mommy and I made a few stops on the way back to my house: H&M, West Elm, Whole Foods for dinner and then TJ Maxx for mommy to ooh and aah over the bags and suitcases. She eventually picked a bag and home we went. I did more backbone.js work and then bed as I knew Sunday would be a big day.

Up early and off to Thumbs Up Diner for very tasty breakfast with Charlotte, Noah, Aaron, Mommy and Adam, we got there at 9, and there was no wait! Though the waitress forget mommy’s order so her meal when it came was free. We then all drove downtown to the World of Coca~Cola. It was pretty high tech compared to the old one, and they move you through pretty fast, though I think Noah drunk every single sample at the end! They polar bear was there to pose for photos:

Noah and Aaron

Noah and Aaron

Mommy, Noah and Aaron

Mommy, Noah and Aaron

Okay time to work, part two later.

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Yesterday at the World of Coke, Noah and Aaron met the coke polar bear! #worldofcoke #sunday #atlanta #nephews #polarbear #cocacola (at World of Coca-Cola)


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Today I am taking a small break to write out the stresses in my mind. I got up about 15 minutes late, which meant I ran about 10 minutes late for everything, and that translates badly in traffic.

Firstly I made it to my voting place on time, and there was a small line, then there was a minor hold up as registering machines seemed to be glitchy. The actual process was seamless, and I was done pretty quick. But leaving the election station, meant I got caught in school traffic and school busses and parents dropping kids off. So it took me forever to get to school this morning :(, so I got to class exactly at 9, which made me feel discombobulated.

I didn’t get any of my morning rituals done, no water, no putting lunch in fridge, no starting and downloading and reviewing work, so then everything broke in my app. I mean everything. It took until 10:30 and Tim helping until I was caught up, and so I felt I learnt nothing, everything seemed a big swirl of code.

But, now after lunch, I am ready to dive back in.
Georgia Voter 2014

Morning computer

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Cribbing my title from Warren Ellis (the writer, not musician), whose blog and comics and writings I follow.

Monday morning at The Iron Yard, and my homework mostly worked! It is not pretty but it did almost everything I wanted, I really enjoyed working with backbone.js and I thought more on my final project idea, and talked it over with Matthew, and he was supportive. Now I need to think more about how I want it to work and look.

I am tired today though, even though I got plenty of sleep and even did laundry and went to a party and went trick or treating with my nephews and mom. The party was fun, on Saturday night, but I was tired and sadly I left early, my mask looked awesome thanks to Adam, I want to paint it and add more details, but here it is:

Cat Mask

I would like to make it black with gold outline, and use it to be Bast (Egyptian goddess).

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The sweetest ninja showing off his hip hop dance skills. #nephew #Noah #hiphop #Halloween14 #ninja #hyperlapse #atlanta

Happy Halloween!

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It is that magical time of year, the weather is cool, the air is crisp (even in Atlanta) and the trees are beautiful. Plus I get to dress up tomorrow and maybe even sleep late as well. Kindly, Tim gave us a light weekend of homework, just build a backbone.js app and deploy it to githib (ooh did I mention I got a github sticker!!), and update my blog was part two of homework. That I do try do on a regular basis as I like seeing the steps I am taking.

Going back a few years I can see huge strides. I got my associates degree in Library Science, I have seriously gotten rid of tons of stuff in my house, I am eating better, I dropped the menu plan, as after a while the thought process was ingrained. I have gone back and forth on working out, but I discovered I enjoyed it. I cut down my internet time, from just surfing to using it as a tool for information, and not just mindless surfing, and I read a ton more, thanks to Kindle, Oyster and iBooks. It is not that I was not reading, it was just I had gotten into a rut and stopped trying new books and Authors.

Reflecting on the last six weeks of The Iron Yard and I am amazed at how far I have come, at times I feel like I know nothing, and then at other times things just click. I love CSS and I love designing a layout and then seeing it come to life on my page, and making it move and work just makes me outstandingly happy, but the thing I am really happy about seems to be working with APIs and backbone.js. The possibilities startle me and excite me, just two days of backbone.js and already I have an idea for a final project.

We had a talk on Thursday from a UX designer – Jared Caldwell(@jaredcaldwell on twitter) and I have thought about UX as I enjoy human computer interaction psychology, but I know I am not an amazing designer, and I have no art background, like so many UX people I have talked to. But he talked about research and looking through data, and studying different habits and cultures to see why things work and why they don’t across the board, and that really struck a note with me.

Though six weeks in I really can’t say which direction I want to go in, everything is exciting and scary and hard right now, but I feel like I am stretching my brain every day and expanding my knowledge base which is never a bad thing. Sometimes I feel like I was living in this other world and have stepped through a door and now see things differently. It is pretty amazing.


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