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One of my favourite local artists, on the the side of La Fonda Latina. #RLand #lafonda #art #atlanta #poncedeleon (at La Fonda Latina)


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So much has happened since I last wrote! I went to London, saw old friends and very old friends, graduated from The Iron Yard, started doing all the things I neglected while in school. Miss my mommy a lot, celebrated my sister’s birthday, celebrated Nichole’s birthday, celebrated a chunk of my family’s birthdays from afar Justin, Simon, Granny, Daddy, Colleen, Rhiannon, Aaron, Courtney and that is not even including friends!

I am working hard on my JavaScript book, and trying to make it more natural to me, and also I have several New Years Resolutions I am also working on. The one I am doing best, is cook something new each week. That is great, I have made four new recipes and I am inspired to try more, to branch out of my regular baking and cooking endeavors.

I am also going to try my first spin class next week, with Briana, and I am kind of nervous, but I need to get back to regular exercise, as I miss it a lot. So I have scheduled spin class, and a yoga class on my calendar so I have no excuses for forgetting.

I also managed to clean out a whole bookcase worth of books and gave the children’s books to Charlotte, Nichole and Greg, so hopefully a new generation of children will read them, and maybe be inspired to read more. I know how hard it is to instill a love of reading or even a desire to read in children, but a fair number of these books encouraged me to look further and read more, so I hope they can do the same for others.

I am job searching right now, and it is interesting reading the job postings and talking to people, and even hearing what people are looking for, weird experience for me. So I am a Junior Level Front-End developer, with HTML, CSS, JS, and AngualarJS knowledge, know anyone?

I did get a cute write up in Hypepotamus I love the picture they found, it is not mine, but great choice!

Okay recipes I have made:

  • Chocolate Layer Cake with Buttercream Frosting this was A++, I really loved how easy it was and how it turned out.
  • Belguim Waffles I discovered the clue to light waffles is whipping the eggs whites seperately then folding them in, it works every time.
  • Banana Bread this recipe was a little heavy on the sugar for me, but it turned out great, actually I have only had one banana bread recipe fail it was with olive oil, yuk!
  • Then I made a recipe from my Donna Hay Season’s book, Cumin Spiced Rack of Lamb, with Pumpkin Mash. It was lovely, and very tasty. Sorry no link, as I can’t find one online but here is the book Season’s by Donna Hay.

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#tbt to the beginning of the year and my top five for 2014. Hard to make a top 5, every year I struggle, I forget certain records , I here some to late, some not enough. But, it is always a fun exercise. Thank you Emily for the adorable drawing. #topfive #Wax’n’facts #recordstoreproblems #waxnfacts #2014 (at Wax’n’Facts)

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The side of the EARL. Sometimes I forget how much beauty is around me, and then I see it. #theearl #art #streetart #eastatlanta #eav #building. (at The EARL)

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The thug life!. Aaron being gangsta train conducter. #nephew #hat #stripes #gangsta #birthday

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Happy birthday Aaron. 3 years old this month! #birthday #Aaron #nephew #celebration.

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Does anybody want to buy my copy of #Thomas #Ligotti #Noctuary ? I am cleaning out my books and this crazy book goes for a ton of money! This is the hardback 1st edition. #horror #thomasligotti #hardback #firstedition

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Thanks @king_egorock I look like a black metal goblin! 
#Sunday roast and #witchcraft with the #dark #elf at the #pub #strictlycontinental #pictureoftheday (at The Plough Pub)

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The pink Cookie Monster is watching! #monster #pink #cookie #rooftop #shoreditch #bricklane (at Shoreditch)

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