Hana Cat

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So I have two kitties, Badtz and Hana, they are from the same litter and look very different, but I got them in 1999/8 I think, they were born the 31 May and so that makes them around 16 or 17 years old. Hana is my chunky siamese baby, not super bright but very sweet and loving, and cuddly. But he is a sickly kitty, many vet visits and now he has kidney failure. Not to progressed but progressing. The last few weeks he has stopped pooping in the litter box. At first it was a few times, now it is regularly, and he cries, a lot. He cries when I am in another room, he cries at night and when he sees me, he is fine, he stops. And he has stopped moving as much. He is still moving around, but not as much, he doesn’t run about or chase much.

So now I am caught in a dilemma. Do I take him to the vet and see if he is in pain? Because he doesn’t seem to be, but what if he is just stoic, like I know he can be, I only know he is sick when he lies in bath or pees blood normally. Do I leave him and see how it goes?

I don’t want to rush him, but I can’t bear the thought of him been in pain, but if he goes, Badtz will be devastated, and my house so much emptier, and I don’t know how I will be.

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#marmite I cannot live without you! #breakfast #toast #tooearly.

Weekend in June

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What a jam packed weekend, even though my calendar did not look that full, I had very little time to relax.

Friday Night:I booked a table for 5 at One Eared Stag, for Greg A’s birthday dinner, so Greg and I got there a little early so we could chat, and then Misty, Jake and Adam arrived and we started ordering food. We split 4 appetizers, and 3 main courses and split it between as all, it was plenty of food. And the food was really good. Next up we went of to The Earl to see Richard Devine and Alessandro Cortini perform.

This was like a mini get together as lots of people were there: Tim deGroot, John J and his fiance Sara, Char Radford, Amber (Richard’s wife) so it was great to see people say hi, and listen to Richard’s set which was much more beat heavy than the last few I saw. It was great and I got some awesome photos. I left about 3 songs into Alessandro, not because it wasn’t good, it was great! But, I was tired and knew Saturday would be jammed packed.

Saturday: Up early to drive to my sister’s house to pick up Aaron and take him to swimming lessons. Both Charlotte and Mike couldn’t do it, so they phoned me in desperation on Thursday and I said no problem. I was nervous about this, not gonna lie, as I have never really been alone with Aaron. But, he was an angel. Followed all directions and was very good at swimming, no crying or even baulking on the jumping in without googles on. I gave hime gummies afterwards and we drove home.

Then I hung out waiting for Charlotte to get back so I could see Noah, who was little grumpy and I left soon afterwards. I quick stop at Octane Coffee and it was great to see Dan back behind the counter. As I was getting my iced – coffee the Crate and Barrel delivery peopled called and said they would be at my house in 30 mins. I went home, cleaned out the living room a touch – not much in there already and boom, they were at the door with my couch :).

Couch in place and then I looked at the mess on the floor in the reading room(sounds so fancy) and decided to start packing up some books, and maybe get rid of some more books. I really could not focus, so I called Jessica who kindly came down and kept me company which really helped me. I got almost all the books up and filed nicely. We then took a quick afternoon tea break and went to Julianna’s Crepes. What a cute little place! I had the veggie crepe and she had nutella and strawberries.

Home and a few minutes doing laundry the off to feed Ziggy and keep him company for a little while. After Ziggy loving time I went to little 5 points to get boxes and Wax’n’Facts, comics at Criminal and see the sink hole at Criminal, chat to friends and then drive home. On the way home I texted John M, and met him at the Earl (twice in one weekend at the Earl!) and we hung out and chatted for a good while. I drunk a lot of water and so left and went home to pee and feed the cats, it was a good evening.

Sunday: A day I thought would be quiet turned into a pretty big day. Up early to start listing my books I was getting rid of on Amazon, and then Adam called and wanted to shop at Costco to by stuff for BarBQue, so off I went to meet him, by the time I got there Misty and Jake were back from there brunch and we all went to Costco. It was Jake’s first time so we toured Costco, and ate samples, and bought a ton of stuff. It was pretty cool.

I then went home, started prepping the fruit I bought for the week and cleaning up and then people started arriving for cookout. Misty, Jake, Joseph, Adam, Sonya, James, Andreas, my neighbor Kelly, Greg A, and eventually Black and Tina. It was a lot of fun, a casual get together that grew as we just invited people. The salad, the roasted sweet potatoes, the fruit salad and most the lamb went! So it was a success, I cleaned up as about half the people went off to see Jurassic World and I collapsed into bed.

Richard Devine at The Earl

Richard Devine at The Earl

Aaron waiting to swim

Aaron waiting to swim

Ziggy being cute.

Ziggy being cute.

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Upside down boy you turn me… #upside #fairy #mega #mansion #Atlanta

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@richarddevine working hard last night making sounds. #theearl #Atlanta #nightlife #music (at The EARL)

Been sleeping

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Well, not really, but haven’t really felt like writing, even though I think about writing I just never seem to do it. Not a great attitude. But lots has happened and not much.

Firstly I had a birthday and Matthew came out and we spent an enjoyable week or so together, he also saw his cousin and started whipping me into shape on my JavaScript.

Secondly I am getting a couch for my birthday from my father, this is a big deal as I have not had a couch in a while, and therefore have not really utilized the living room at all. It arrives tomorrow!
margot sofa

It is from Crate and Barrel and I am pretty excited.

Thirdly I saw Laibach live, finally! I have very few bands left on my old school must see list (Nurse With Wound is up there), but they are a band I never thought I would see, and they were awesome!

This weekend I plan on seeing Richard Devine with Alessandro Cortini, tonight, and hopefully see a movie Sunday, and maybe later this week as well as the HR Giger documentary is playing at LandMark in midtown.

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#Laibach waited a long time to see them, and it was worth it. So glad they played here! And I would have travelled to see them, actually planned in it, but last night of the tour was eventually announced for here! #Atlanta (at The Masquerade)

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#Laibach on their final encore last night. An amazing show. The sound was fantastic, and they were more than wonderful. #Atlanta #masquerade #leibe #nightlife #clubs #show (at The Masquerade)

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