Warm Cinnamon Roll Bites (Tumblr)

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Individual warm cinnamon roll bites

Looks yummy

Goodbye Hana Cat

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So yesterday I worked from home, my excuse was I slept late, but really I wanted to stay at home and keep an eye on Hana who the last few weeks has been acting stranger, tireder. I did keep an eye on him, and by the time he threw up for the 3 or 4 time I knew he needed to go to the vet. So I made an appointment and at 3:30 we were there.

The ride over he did not do his normal yowl, the pierces ear drums and makes me feel I am killing him, it was just whimper sounds. Once there, he didn’t explore or even act interested in his surroundings, another red flag.

So me and the vet talked, he had lost 5 pounds! Which meant he only weighed 10.5 pounds, which is way down from his high of 17 pounds. He has not been eating, he is crying at night, crying when going to the litter box and also making little oomph noises when jumping down from the chairs. She said we could start him on kidney meds, but he would not get better, just slow the decline, and he would have to visit the vet regularly.

I then serious thought about his quality of life, he likes food, but not eating, he likes looking out the window, not doing it, he likes cuddling with his brother, Badtz, not doing it, he was just hiding in his hole and sleeping. So with much heartache I decided it was his time to leave. I felt awful, awful, awful. I got to hold him while the vet sedated him, and he just relaxed in my arms, and by the time the next injection came I felt he had passed already.

I stayed with him about an hour, stroking him and making sure he knew he was my beloved kitty cat, I wrapped him in a towel so he would not be cold, and drove home.

Badtz was not happy, he followed me around and cuddled me and would not leave me alone, I think he misses his brother, and I do too.

Hana in the sun

It has been almost 4 years to the day since I lost PandiCat, 22/7/2011, so in a way I feel I am reliving that month.

Badtz and Hana were litter mates, brothers who had never been apart, I have had them 17 years almost exactly, I know they were born the 31 of May, and we got them at 8 weeks old.

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Today’s made a hard decision and put my 17 year old kitty to sleep. He has been getting sicker and sadder these last few weeks. I loved my Hana cat very much.

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Missed my bus by two minutes. Now I wait another 30 minutes. I wish the busses ran more often. #Marta #commute #morning #station. (at Inman Park / Reynoldstown)

Worst Day Ever

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So last Thursday the 2nd of July I had one of the most disastrous days I have ever had! The day started badly and just went downhill continuously, until I ended up in my bed refusing to leave the house.

I woke up and my stomach felt odd, not bad, just not hungry which is unusual for me as I enjoy breakfast, but I put it down to eating later than normal Wednesday night. So instead of my normal fruit smoothie, or toast or granola, I just had a glass of chocolate milk (mmmm, my favourite). I couldn’t drink it all, as stomach said “nope!” So off I went to work, figuring after a while I would calm down and be hungry.

The bus ride was it’s normal self, until almost at work, suddenly I wanted to hurl, and badly. I started sweating, and feeling like the bus was airless. The worst was I couldn’t just get off and wait to catch another bus home, the thought of standing outside waiting for another bus was just as horrific. So I toughed it out to work.

I ran into my office, saw my co-workers, and dropped off my computer bag and fast tracked it, to the bathroom, where I threw up, hard, really hard, it felt horrible. I hate throwing up, throwing up in public bathrooms is way worse. Eventually, I stopped, rinsed my mouth and went back to my office, luckily Max had gum, and so I chewed that and tried to think what to do. I knew the feeling had just abated, and was waiting to come back, I could not face the the thought of a bus ride, so in desperation I called Adam. Luckily he agreed to come pick me up and take me home.

So Adam picked me up and was driving me home, I was trying to be calm, and keep stomach under control, when we stopped at a three-way stop, and some one drove into the back of us. Hard! Really hard, as if they had no notion there was a stop sign there, then they reversed, drove round us and sped off! We managed to pull over, and I got out of the car. A gentleman, walking his dog said that he caught the last 4 numbers of the license plate, and he kindly gave them to us, and a pretty good description of the car.

I was standing at this point, trying not to throw up or faint, I have never fainted, but i definitely felt light headed, and woozy and I knew if I did either, it would be regarded as whiplash or concussion(yes I was wearing my seatbelt). Then an amazing thing happened. Another gentleman drove up, and said he saw the whole thing and followed the car, and got the license plate for us, he waited around and even gave a statement to the cops for us. So that was great, hopefully insurance will sort all this out.

By now I was feeling even worse. So after all information was taken, and insurance company spoken too, I eventually got home. By, now my neck and back were starting to hurt, and my shoulder. So I made an appointment with my Doctor, went and lay down. I still couldn’t eat.

Then off I went to Doctor, it was quiet at the office and I was seen pretty quickly. The Doctor gave me ibuprofen 600mg, and something for muscle spasms, she also said if it got worse to come back. Nothing was too swollen, but it could flare up later.

Off I went to Target as it was getting late in the day and I could not face driving to Costco and back for a prescription refill, and getting out my car I dropped my beautiful iPhone 6. And smashed the screen. I couldn’t believe it! I am so careful with my phone, it just totally slipped. I got my prescription, and went home. I decided I should not leave the house the rest of the day and so just went to lie down and put ice on my neck and back.

I cannot believe all that happened in one day. It was like a bad dream. But, I got iphone fixed, my neck feels better – still stiff – and shoulder is achey. And stomach is still queasy today, but not as bad, and all in all nothing that could not be repaired happened, it just felt like a bad spiral.

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Brilliant #black-eyed #susans near the bus stop on the way to proof bakery. #tooearly #marta #morning #commute (at Inman Park / Reynoldstown)

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