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Good morning Twin Peaks/Castro District! Sun is out and sky is blue blue today #morning #castro #twinpeaks #muni (at Castro District, San Francisco)

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Looking across the bay to San Francisco #sunday #afternoon #bay #sanfrancisco (at Sausalito Town Square)

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Rainbow in San Francisco this morning. The sky was blue blue, then suddenly it began to rain and a rainbow appeared. #rainbow #sanfrancisco (at Civic Center/UN Plaza station)

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Sticker seen on the way to @sightglass coffee! #sticker #sanfrancisco #sightglass (at Sightglass Coffee)

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So many flowers here in San Francisco. I see jasmine, bougainvillea, hydrangeas, bottle brush and more every day. But what I love are all the different cacti! #redhotpokers #flowers #cacti #sanfrancisco (at Twin Peaks (San Francisco))

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What can I say about Leonard Cohen? He made the most beautiful sad music. I never saw him play live 😕I could never afford a ticket. But, his music is a thread through my life and music. I shall miss knowing he is still out there writing, creating and being. #2016 #leonardcohen #music #notmyphoto (at San Francisco, California)

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Otto vonSchirach at the strangest place, smiths old bar! Awesome performance. #ottovonschirach #smithsoldebar #mondaynight #halloween2016 (at Smith’s Olde Bar)

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HappyHalloween! #Spider-Man #theflash and me! #halloween2016

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