Escalator Guts

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This is what the inside of an escalator looks like! #escalator #machinary #guts #sfmta (at San Francisco, California)

Rainy Day

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Grey San Francisco last week with the sun only catching a few buildings. #sanfrancisco #twinpeaks #rainyday (at Twin Peaks (San Francisco))


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#graffiti seen on #twinpeaks on my way to work Friday. (at Twin Peaks (San Francisco))

Marvin Rhodes at peace

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Rest In Peace Marvin, you will be missed. You were a wonderful friend and I love you. Goodbye #marvinrhodes #goodbye #atpeace

Monday Monday

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So the rain abated a little today, in that I did not walk to work in the rain! Which was nice. It pretty much rained all weekend, with high winds. Scaffolding down, trees down, flash flood warnings etc – but no climate change…

At the bus stop today, the regular homeless man was playing War – Slippin into Darkness, it felt pretty apt.

Work though is okay, I am warm, dry and clean bathrooms, less people yell at me than the record store, and I get paid more.

Is it worth it? Sometimes I just don’t know. I like selling records, more than people can imagine. I enjoy learning about music, I like interacting with customers and I miss it a lot still. But, I still dream about refiling soul CDs or worse used Rock CDs. Or my biggest nightmare 7″s.

I still find myself filing things at other stores, and cleaning up records misfiled or upside down…it is a problem. The fun thing about Tucson, AZ was record shopping. I found some cool 80’s 7″s and a few records, but just looking makes me happy.

Thursday 5 January 2017

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So today I thought my bus driver was training for le petit le mans – zooming up the hills here in SF, and squealing around corners, pretty exciting.

Also today is not national bubble bath day, like I thought, it is the 8th of January. Woops. Though other important things I am sure are happening today: national whipped cream day and national bird day, weird made up days for everything always make me happy.

It is sunny here today, a rarity in the last two months it feels like, though a great storm is predicted, lots of rain, and maybe even flooding, I might be making a grocery store run 🙂

This is a Great Horned Owl, native to the Americas!

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Take off, goodbye Phoenix and holiday mindset. Back to work time! #takeoff #phoenix #flying #arizona (at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport)


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I can’t think of a catchy title for my post.

Back at work in SF today, and it is gray and cold and rainy. Not awful though, just not happy, happy joy joy. Today at work was a lot of cleaning up and tracking people down and setting up meetings and dealing with things to happen.

I did get confirmed as a volunteer at the Edwardian Ball happening here in two weeks or so. I had better get Adam to send me a dress to wear, and stuff. I am mainly volunteering to meet people, and maybe change my SF mindset a bit, as I find it unfriendly here.

I also signed up to go to a book event – Tim Ferris, and maybe a movie screening for libraian’s if I get accepted. I am trying to get out more here. I miss my friends a great deal, and nothing can replace the sense of community I have in ATL, but while living and working here, I need to be more proactive.

Next month – after the rush – I am joining a gym, yoga, pilates and barre! It is very fancy, but hopefully the price will make me go more. This is when I miss Jessica, she is a great gym partner, I could never slack off.

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Hanging out at The Shelter in Tucson, AZ! #tucson #theshelter #martinitime (at The Shelter Cocktail Lounge)


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2017 can you believe it? 2017 didn’t come in like a lion or a lamb, 2017 came in on a cold, rainy night, filled with wind and sorrow. At least that is how it felt. I watched the stars, I saw the clouds, I lost the stars and I felt the chill enter the land.

I want 2017 to be better, but my doubts are myriad and unceasing. I want the start of another revolution around the sun in an empty space to have meaning, but I lack conviction. I want to reach out and say we and can be better, but I know better.

Goodbye 2016, the year that offered hope, redemption and perhaps a chance to leap forward, instead we stumbles, fell short and retreated. You took a a few of my heros, I said goodbye to friends, and I chose to step away from people I could no longer in good conscious be around.

2016 I travelled, I ate and I lived, I voted, I hoped and I existed.


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