Shrove Tuesday

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Today is Shrove Tuesday or as american’s say “fat tuesday” which seems weird but it is pancake day! Yesterday, before I left work I made some crepe batter and so first thing this morning on getting in, I made crepes! Tasty crepes with sugar and cinnamon and lemon. It seemed to make my co-workers happy.

Next on todays agenda while awaiting many many call backs I am making lunch: roast chicken, potatoes, carrots and broccoli. This is one of the joys of working out of an office in a house, a full kitchen! Normally I don’t cook this much, but I just have the urge this week.

Sun is out here in SF which is absolutely lovely, everything is super green and pretty, tons of blooms on all the trees and the skies are that magical blue you see in movies.

Oh yeah, movies, as usual I did not watch the Oscars, but read about them after and saw the fashion after – Janelle Monae is flawless!
I love her look. But, on a weirder note I saw the animated shorts and although Piper was an incredible short, it was not nearly as interesting as Pear Cider and Cigarettes. Piper’s look was truly fantastic, the water swirling and waves looked real. But, the story was very Pixar, cute, sweet, funny and adorable, I want more out of the animated shorts after seeing in the previous years what could be e.g. Bear Story.

I also did not want Zootopea to win, is was just a very typical movie, maybe Kubo or The Red Turtle? That would have been nice. Next time.

Pincushion Protea – iPhone 7 depth effect

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Pincushion protea at the coffee shop. Which is funny as they have been showing up all around me, on my feed and in real life. #flowers #protea #sign #morning #reveillecoffee (at Reveille Coffee Co.)

Bus Stop Advertising Gone Wrong

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Dead eyes and peeling paper. Weird bus stop advertisement. #textures #child #why? #sanfrancisco (at Castro District, San Francisco)

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It is spring here in #sf and with all the rain everything is blooming. I took a few photos on my way into work today! I must say it is beautiful, everything is so very green and alive. The negative is I am allergic to all this pollen! #spring #flowers #blooming #allergies (at Twin Peaks (San Francisco))

omg (?)

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Beware I rant, I rarely rant..

Is that an appropriate title? Who knows any more, everyday I wake up check the news and wonder when the new overlords are going to criminalise woman working or not breeding. I feel like we are becoming Saudi Arabia, slowly our freedoms as such we kept over the last 15 years are eroding. Looking at social networks, closing down planned parenthood, for profit prisons, rolling back trans-rights, the government is out to get you and you are not paranoid. And it is so easy for them to do, we argue about pointless language and ideas while they laugh and tax us more, and poison our food, water and environment, if you are not paranoid you are not paying attention.

I am not going to bother breaking down the things that are happening we all have access to the greatest source of information ever, and we let arbitrarily points divide us. There is so much wrong right now in the USA and when a woman speaks up, she is told it is worse in Muslim countries. Yes, I know, but I live here, let me fix my own house, rebuild then help my neighbour. Yes, I will share my tools, materials and ideas with you, but by working on one place at a time I am not invalidating your hardship, I am just coping with mine.

Feminism, Marching, Protesting, Boycotting, Racism, are we in the 1950’s? WTF? Sometimes I think I can point a finger at when it went bad, not 9/11 or the patriot act, all those were terrible, but when people as a whole got evil, Trayvon Martin. We as a nation sat by as a large, white man killed a 17 year old child. No he wasn’t a perfect child, he did not get straight A’s, he smoked pot, he skipped school, he commit petty crimes. HE WAS A CHILD! That is what blows me away. Nothing validates the killing of a child, or maybe we should look at Tamir Rice, a 12 year old shot by the cops.

When we started justifying shooting of children we are lost, we have no morality. I live in an area where 18 years and under children commit most the crimes. Breaking and entering, theft, vandalism, assault and more. And yes, crime is awful, but why are they committing crimes? I have heard all the white excuses and black excuses, and truthfully none encompass the whole. There is a list, but the main one is we as a society have demonised young black boys and girls and we as a society offer them very little in a way to get ahead. Schools are awful, parents either work two jobs and aren’t home, and how can they be? If they are home we deride them as welfare moochers. We take away choice about sex education, we say drugs are bad, but white people are the ones dying from heroin and now we want to talk about it, never mind before crack landed you in jail, but heroin lands you in rehab. Yes, there are kids who get out, who through hard work and effort become more than what they are offered by society, but for 1 there are 100’s left behind, and so we have for profit prisons, 3 strikes and a joint will get you 20 years.

I was going to write about my trip to New York, my life in San Francisco, but the world is mad and I want to get off.

World Trade Center Mall

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Today I met up with @gregoryadamson and we walked around a bit and saw the rebuilt World Trade Center Mall., the architecture is amazing. #architecturephotography #newyork #mondays (at World Trade Center Mall)

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Two working pay phones! New York is a wonderful place. #payphones #newyork (at New York, New York)

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Pinball. What a great idea a pinball bar in a laundry. #laundry #pinball #Brooklyn #williamsburg #saturdaynight (at Sunshine Laundromat and Pinball)

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#lovecats #love #movingtails #sushi. I the window of the restaurant I ate yesterday. (at HATSUHANA)

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I got a new hair color. #vividhair #dipdyedhair #bluehair #straight hair. #smile #selfie (at East Atlanta)

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Guess who was spoilt by my best friend! Thank you @gregoryadamson for cooking an amazing meal, and watching A Clockwork Orange with me. #bff #valentines #chef #movienight (at Northwest Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia)

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#fangs I love this guy, see him in the oddest places. #atlanta #driving #westside (at Atlanta, Georgia)

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