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Walking around #sanfrancisco today with @king_egorock, some of the things I noticed. The #tupac was in #chinatown near @citylightsbooks, while the #brutalist #dead #fountain was near the #embarcadero. The #flowers I just love they way they unfurl. (at San Francisco, California)

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Flowers making a valiant effort to grow in an inhospitable environment. #sidewalk #flowers #weeds #sf #sanfrancisco (at Twin Peaks (San Francisco))

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Such a beautiful day on Saturday, walked to the Embarcadero had a glass of wine, and some cheese then looked at the bay! So pretty. #saturday #sf #bayarea (at Pier 7)

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Daisies the happiest flowers I am told. 😀 #daisies #saturday #spring (at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts)

Last Week or So

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So Wednesday night was the show here in SF I was most excited for PopTone! And they did not fail to deliver. I loved every moment of the show. I did not catch the opening band as I stood outside in line to get in for over 20 minutes, which seems weird, as it was a big show, and still they processed people like a small club, one security guy and one person collecting money and one person scanning tickets. I did not talk to anyone or have anyone talk to me even at the bar or buying a t-shirt, which was weird, no eye contact, no smile to share the joy, SF is a weird place.


  • Heartbreak Hotel
  • OK, This Is the Pops
  • Mirror People
  • Movement of Fear
  • Happiness
  • No Big Dea
  • Lions
  • Twist
  • Love Me
  • Performance
  • An American Dream
  • Christian Says
  • There’s Only One
  • Cracked Actor
  • Encore:
  • Physical (You’re So)
  • Flame On
  • Go!
  • Encore 2:
  • Slice of Life
  • Sweet F.A.


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Oh my goodness saw @poptonetheband tonight and they were amazing! It was a great show! #poptone #tonesontail #loveandrockets #bauhaus #sf (at The Regency Ballroom)

Boonbox Lunch

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Packed a lunch for work, but ended up working from home, I feel like my eating habits are still from when I was a teenager! A sandwich, some fruit and a bit of avocado! It was a tasty lunch, plus I love my lunchbox! #brieandtomatoe #sandwich #sourdoughbread #cherries🍒 #avo moominspoon #boonlunchbox (at Civic Center/UN Plaza station)

Ocean Beach Bonfire

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So Sunday I experienced my first Ocean Beach bonfire, it was windy and cold, and next time I will bring the makings for s’mores! But, it was a great experience. #oceanbeach #bonfire #windy #sundayevening (at Ocean Beach, San Francisco)

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