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Saw my Granny Hilda today, she is almost 97, still has her teeth and sight and walking. She is hard of hearing but still going strong in all other ways.

#granny #goingon97 #southafrica (at Gauteng)

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My snapshots from today are not super exciting: a book, a jar of preserved gigs and grilled calamari but to me they mean a day of looking around, seeing a friend( @batmansa ) at the bookstore for coffee and cake, walking around @woolworths_sa and missing the food. Plus a lovely lunch filled with Greek food. (at Bryanston, Gauteng)

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My day: beautiful proteas at the Protea Hotel:Fire and Ice. Crouching Angel by Anton Smit, and delicious jam donuts from pick and pay. (at Johannesburg)

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Miffy in multiple hues #miffy

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Door knockers fascinate me for some reason. Lion ones tend to be the most common, but I have seen elephants, men, goblins, dogs and birds. This one is in the financial district of #sf #doorknocker #lion🦁 (at San Francisco, California)

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Happy Donut Day! 🍩 I stopped @mrholmesbakehouse today and bought apricot donuts and churro croissants #donut #donutday2019 #apricotdonuts #sf (at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse)


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I am reading the NYT today, catching up on all my online links, and read a lovely article about writer’s summers, and it made me remember one of my most iconic summer memories.

We (my mom, my sister) spent summer (Christmas time) down in Sedgefield where my grandparents had retired too. I must have been 12 or 13, close to that, I still had one of the worst haircuts in the world, and looked like a boy, and we spent hours down at the mouth of the river, swimming, crabbing, looking for seashells, and just doing nothing. It was a magical time.

I remember leaving my grandparents house in the morning, and going to the river and floating down to the ocean, with the tide. But, mostly I remember the heat, the sun, the long walks, the endless food and fruit, and braais (bar-b-ques). We spent hours at the beach from early morning to late afternoon, and I don’t remember getting burnt, I do remember sunscreen and hats. But, my one of my most enduring memories, is that I still could get away with not wearing a top, I could just wear my bikini bottoms and not worry. I had no thoughts of why I should wear a top, I was still asexual as I could be at that age but, boys did not have to cover up and I did not understand why I should. And my great joy, is no one ever forced me. They knew it was innocent and I just wanted the freedom to swim, catch hermit crabs and play.

Swartvlei open and flowing to the sea
Swartvlei mouth open (tide running in)
Swartvlei tide out, and mouth closed
Swartvlei mouth closed (tide out)

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Those who know, know! Always certain things in cities: international cafe/hotel, and the club ( alias le club), but I found an extra White Horse 😂 #sf #walking #newcitysameshit #😂 (at San Francisco, California)

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