Charlotte levitating chengdu cold noodles Gu’s Kitchen

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Charlotte levitating chengdu cold noodles Gu’s Kitchen on Buford Highway. #noodletime #chengducoldnoodles #bufordhighway (at Gu’s Kitchen)


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Walk with my nephews before Thanksgiving good time. Making them jump for that Instagram look 😂 #nephews #atlanta #thanksgiving2019 (at Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

Yayoi Kusama

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My favourite thing about #sfo is the art! Specifically the @yayoikusama_ shoes 👠 #yayoikusama (at San Francisco International Airport (SFO))

RIP T. Milt

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Today I found out one of my best friends in the world died. T. Milt died last night. He was a wonderful friend, a font of music knowledge, a kind person who loved his wife and animals.

We did so much together. Talked more shit than you can imagine, rated records, articles, bands. We booked bands together as Euphonic Productions ( my job was to say no and be mean), we went to shows, hunted for records. Ate many burritos. I was on Milton’s first date he had with Karen, as he was so nervous.

I found my house, as him and Karen had bought a house on the same street.
When I needed a friend he was there, he teased me and made fun of me, and berated my shitty taste in music. All the things a good friend does. I will miss him forever.
This is the only photo I could find today that expressed Milton’s happiness in the fact Sam Rivers played Atlanta due to his hard work in 2002 #ripmilton #iwillmissyou #bff

Swan’s Documentary

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Last night was the opening night of the Recombinant Festival @recombinantfestival , and the showed the Swans @swans_official documentary, with the creator @wheredoesabodyend and Norman Westberg was there, to perform and talk. It was fantastic. #recombinantfestival2019 #swans #wheredoesabodyend #normanwestbergswans (at Grand Theater / Gray Area)

Water Colour Painting

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We had a team build at work on Thursday and I got to play with water colors. It was a lot of fun. I enjoy playing with art still, I thought I had forgotten, but nope, I still love doodling and coloring. But, I still create like a five year old. Thank you @rootdivision for having us. #art #workteambuild #fun #thursday #sf (at San Francisco, California)

Alice In Wonderland via Dali

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Past me must have really thought of future me! About February this year I ordered this book, and it finally arrived. To add to my collection of Alice in Wonderland books. I have several different editions and illustrated versions! Now a Salvador Dali one. #aliceinwonderland #salvadordali #presenttome #books (at San Francisco, California)

Table Mountain 2019

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A few pictures from my trip up Table Mountain last week. It was lovely, not to hot and not to crowded as I went up fairly early in the morning. I did the Klipspringer walk around the top and it was wonderful. Due to the rains, lots was green and in bloom, with puddles of water. Sadly no Dassies as it was cloudy. (at Top of Table Mountain)

Baby Owl

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In the garden next door, today, a baby owl! #owl #southafrica #garden #babyowl (at Johannesburg)

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