Been sleeping

June 12th, 2015 § 0 comments

Well, not really, but haven’t really felt like writing, even though I think about writing I just never seem to do it. Not a great attitude. But lots has happened and not much.

Firstly I had a birthday and Matthew came out and we spent an enjoyable week or so together, he also saw his cousin and started whipping me into shape on my JavaScript.

Secondly I am getting a couch for my birthday from my father, this is a big deal as I have not had a couch in a while, and therefore have not really utilized the living room at all. It arrives tomorrow!
margot sofa

It is from Crate and Barrel and I am pretty excited.

Thirdly I saw Laibach live, finally! I have very few bands left on my old school must see list (Nurse With Wound is up there), but they are a band I never thought I would see, and they were awesome!

This weekend I plan on seeing Richard Devine with Alessandro Cortini, tonight, and hopefully see a movie Sunday, and maybe later this week as well as the HR Giger documentary is playing at LandMark in midtown.

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