So in the last few days I have noticed Badtzi peeing on the floor, which is unusual for him, he is a fastidious kitty who does not make a mess, and then I noticed he was not eating, just drinking lots of water and licking up the gravy on his food. None of this boded well.

I had Badtz and Hana from when they were 7 weeks old, the two brothers to my sister’s two – Chloe and Sabrina. There were five in the litter and we got four of them. Badtz was my pick at first and then I got Hana as I was worried he would be lonely. I named them after Badtz Maru and Hana Maru both charecters from Hello Kitty. When I got the extra kitty I named him after their other friend Pandaba, so I had a PandiCat too.

I loved my kitties all the same, though I had a soft spot in my heart for Badtz, he was always so disdainful of certain things, so smart and so pretty, my little black siamese kitty.

Yesterday I took him to the vet, the peeing and not eating was worrying me. We were there a good while. It was funny over the years Badtz has always wanted to get in the carrier and go to the vet, he never was sick, and now was his chance. He was happy until the car moved and then he siamese howled the whole way there and back. And pooped in the carrier, and peed, and threw up! Yep, great car cat.

Anyway we were at the vet about an hour and a bit, lots of test: blood-work, urinalysis, heart listening, blood pressure – via his tail, not happy, and then injection of fluid, and injection to make him less nauseous and hungry. The vet also tried giving him food, but he wouldn’t eat, I knew he wouldn’t.

Home last night and all Badtz did was sleep, yowl, and pee on the floor.:(, Today I got the results of the tests and he has Chronic Renal Failure, and he has arthritis, and so I am making the decision to put him to sleep. This is so hard. I want to keep him around, but him being in pain is my worst nightmare, he can’t jump, he won’t sleep in his high bed, he pees on the floor and then cries as he hates doing it. He doesn’t want to eat, but he has never eaten much, he is old and tired, and I think he misses his brother more than I can imagine.

Badtz on elephant
Badtz on elephant

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  1. Our hearts ache for you and everything you are going through. We love you and hope that you know we are here for you in any way. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.


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