So the rain abated a little today, in that I did not walk to work in the rain! Which was nice. It pretty much rained all weekend, with high winds. Scaffolding down, trees down, flash flood warnings etc – but no climate change…

At the bus stop today, the regular homeless man was playing War – Slippin into Darkness, it felt pretty apt.

Work though is okay, I am warm, dry and clean bathrooms, less people yell at me than the record store, and I get paid more.

Is it worth it? Sometimes I just don’t know. I like selling records, more than people can imagine. I enjoy learning about music, I like interacting with customers and I miss it a lot still. But, I still dream about refiling soul CDs or worse used Rock CDs. Or my biggest nightmare 7″s.

I still find myself filing things at other stores, and cleaning up records misfiled or upside down…it is a problem. The fun thing about Tucson, AZ was record shopping. I found some cool 80’s 7″s and a few records, but just looking makes me happy.

Monday Monday

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