I did yoga at lunchtime today, I have learnt from the last time I did yoga at lunch, not to drink coffee in the morning before or eat any carbs. Weird restrictions my body has placed on me. I still suck at yoga, almost a year of doing it, and still I can barely do some moves, I fall over in others, and I modify a lot of stances. But, my hips are so flexible that pigeon is a breeze and so I do a modified version to stretch them instead of just relaxing into pigeon.

I am not hoping to do any headstands – I tried a little today to start work towards one though – moreso I just want to be flexible, not feel ancient when I get up, and be able to move without the strange inflexibility I seem to have developed in my daily movements.

My next desire is to learn to SCUBA, and SF parks offer a course, and I am hopefully going to start doing that!

It is amazing how much more expensive all gyms, classes etc are here in SF, but at the same time how many there are, you would think that would reduce the price, but nope, no luck.

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