My habits are not the best at times

So the reason I slack off on posting is I get caught up in reading “the internet” as I say, in fact, I pretty much read as much news as possible, then get too burnt out to post. But, yesterday was a great day!

Firstly I had some friends in town, which meant I left work early, caught Muni down to the Embarcadero and met them for lunch. It was great seeing, Meredith, Dara and their baby Reese, plus Meredith’s sister Kelly. We ate and then went to a pretty neat playground for Reese to run around and try be tired. She was already tired, but overtired, so would not nap. At two and a half she is tall and fairly outspoken, very sweet little girl. When her dad came back we went for ice cream – I choose Miette’s ice cream sandwich and then I came home.

Last night though I also had a great time, going to see Mystery Science Theatre 3000 live! It was great, Matthew got us seats third row orchestra so we were right up close and it was very very funny. We saw the Mystery Movie and it was very campy, but some of the villianness’s costumes were incredible!

I thought about the kids thing, me I have never wanted kids, ever, it is just one of those things I knew about myself, and so I have cultivated the impression I don’t like kids, because to tell people you just don’t want them, and then play and interact with kids, they think you are lying. I am not bad with dealing with children, I enjoy playing with them, and I talk to them like they are small people, not baby talk. I love my nephews dearly, and I am auntie Victoria to many children, but that does not mean I want them myself.

I am fully aware of how much work a child is and how you are responsible for them, but that is not the reason. A lot of it is I hated being a child, I did not hate my childhood, I hated the powerlessness, and the fact you were not responsible for what happened in your own life, and I would not want to put a small person through that. Plus, I remember clearly taking care of my cousin for many years, and how dedicated you had to be, my sister was excellent at it – or better than me, I wanted to be left alone to read rather. But, I don’t hate children, I enjoy their thought processes, and imagination and the ability to just be in the moment.

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