I had a catchy phrase

What full weekend, I actually thought it would not be! Friday night I went to a magazine release party that I had found out about on instagram Gross, it was okay. I didn’t to much like the art or the band who played, but I met Michelle, Bonnie and Bonnie’s roommate, April, there. We decided to try go to CodeWorks for a drink, and so walked there (about two minutes) but, they were having a hiphop night and wanted cover for us to just get a drink (it was empty) so we were debating what to do next, when Michelle got upset with us, so she left. We decided to go get sushi – and April suggest a place called Blowfish, we started off with sake bombs, I still hate them, and moved on to sake. By 11pm, it was time to go to Cat Club to get our goth on and dance. I met my friend Heather and her daughter there from Florida, as they are driving across the USA together, it was awesome to see her. We drunk more alcohol (fernet) and danced and met some guys, did shots, and then when the lights cam on I walked home.

Note to self clubs close at 3am here, leave at 2:50am, to avoid bright lights! Plus last call is 1am!!!, and do not wear new boots – feet hurt on the walk home pretty bad.

The next day I tried to take it easy and so stood in line to get my free mac lipstick – very slow line, but I got a pretty nice blue called, Indigo go . Then home to get ready for my trip to the East Bay on BART to have dinner with Adam’s parents as it was there last night in SF. We ate at an Italian place that was ok, and then BART home and finally to get a pretty decent nights sleep.

Sunday was free game play at Coin Op and so I met Bonnie and April there, I am getting better at pinball, my favorite one was The Walking Dead pinball game, even though I have never seen the show, the game is fun! I then persuaded Bonnie to go with me to Gelareh Designs as she was having an open house, and so I could see the clothes in person! They are so beautiful, though they start at $900, and go on up, mainly I just wanted to see them and touch them, it was fantastic to see the items in the flesh. On the walk back to the bus, we passed Tartine Manufactory and as it was 5:30pm, it had just opened and it was empty with no line! We got seats at the bar, had a drink each, and a slice of bread with seaweed butter, it was delicious. So good.

Then it was walk to bus and time to go home to do laundry.


Coin Op Pinball

Gelareh Show Room
Drink at Tartine Manufactory

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