Finally made it back to yoga today, and as usual my teacher was amazing, she really pushes you, whether you are experienced or not, she knows the right way to get the most out of her class. This is amazing to me as she has people in class who are experts, people who this is their 2nd class and people like me, who want to try, but whose body won’t cooperate.

I have about 25 or so open tabs on my browser, all for jobs to apply for, and I had a phone interview today, though I am unsure where I see myself in the next few months, nevermind next year.

My bigger struggle right now is not eating sugar, and trying to sleep enough. I am back on the ambien, half a pill a night and still I spend a huge chunk of my night awake and worrying.

Not helping is having my period, which makes me more restless, and it also makes my sense of smell super weird. I seem to smell all these weird underlying scents that make me want to gag.

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