Thursday is a the end of the month

Welcome, world, I am at my third coffee shop of the day, first was HodgePodge, to sell a item from Craigslist, next was Octane for some tasty coffee and a pastry, and now Aurora to get some work done, reply to all my emails, and be around people I know, even if I know no-one, I still feel at home here.

I am job hunting seriously, and hopefully should know something soon, as I have many resumes out. But, I am waiting for the right fit, someone who will make use of my many talents and the fact I really want to work hard.

Life in Atlanta though is good, I have friends, and family came down for Thanksgiving, and huge plus, no turkey for me this year! Yep, we went to a restaurant and I had chicken :), turkey is not for me. But, sadly I would not recommend Del Frisco. The set menu was not well received by those who ate it, and even worse they ran out of almost all the desserts on the menu, and the ones left were not good.

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