Hi world

My mom got approved for the new treatment, she gets three months of it, three treatments, spaced 28 days apart. This is merely to buy her more time so we can visit her.

I am so scared and sad.

What is up?

So still in SF and still enjoying the city and learning how it all works. More importantly in a month I go home to South Africa and see my mom, who’s latest chemo is not working, so hoping she will get approved for a more experimental type soon. But, paperwork. Plus my last remaining grandparent, has been moved into frail care, she is 93/94 (?) pick one and cannot live alone in a cottage with daily help :(. Life feels overwhelming, this is not even going into the shite friends have been going through as well.

I feel for my sister who has all this, plus she sold her house, bought a new house and found out after much stress she was not losing her job, oh and moved all in a month!

Last Week or So

So Wednesday night was the show here in SF I was most excited for PopTone! And they did not fail to deliver. I loved every moment of the show. I did not catch the opening band as I stood outside in line to get in for over 20 minutes, which seems weird, as it was a big show, and still they processed people like a small club, one security guy and one person collecting money and one person scanning tickets. I did not talk to anyone or have anyone talk to me even at the bar or buying a t-shirt, which was weird, no eye contact, no smile to share the joy, SF is a weird place.


  • Heartbreak Hotel
  • OK, This Is the Pops
  • Mirror People
  • Movement of Fear
  • Happiness
  • No Big Dea
  • Lions
  • Twist
  • Love Me
  • Performance
  • An American Dream
  • Christian Says
  • There’s Only One
  • Cracked Actor
  • Encore:
  • Physical (You’re So)
  • Flame On
  • Go!
  • Encore 2:
  • Slice of Life
  • Sweet F.A.