Photos and Pictures

Went to the @sfmoma last night to see the #margritte exhibit as #thursdaynight it is open late. It was lovely to wander around with plenty of space. I loved the exhibit #art #sanfrancisco but as usual the bathroom there blows my mind #redroom (at SFMOMA San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)


Almost a year

It has been almost a year since my mom died, it feels so unreal still. I know I shouldn’t but I still question the choices I made last year, nothing I can do to change them, but they run through my head, all the ‘what ifs’. Not productive. Still trying to sort out her estate […]



I found a talk at #scribd by Michael Pollan, a few weeks ago and tonight it happened. It was really nice to hear him speak and discuss the history and why he wrote his current book, How to Change Your Mind. The talk felt too short and the questions were to quick, but it was […]



Wow where is the year going? It is August already, I am not ready for summer to start going away. Anyway, keeping a little to busy, and trying to juggle sleep, social life, work and now gym is a special challenge, plus now I am trying to book a ticket to South Africa. I have […]



So I joined a gym, not just any gym, a very expensive SF gym, that has some pretty awful reviews online, and some pretty good ones. I joined because I love the pool, a salt water pool, junior olympic length and I am trying to go regularly. So that also meant buying a bathing suit. […]