Walking Around

Today’s snaps. I took a long walk to ferry building and fisherman’s wharf and then home to catch the sky tinged with pink. Saw sailboats, Alcatraz, sea lions, and had a cookie to celebrate my sister’s birthday 🎂. #craftsmenandwolves #alcatraz #sealions #sundaywalk #sunset #sf (at San Francisco, California)

70’s Rock

Listening to Kimball Collins Blitz channel on Twitch and tonight is 70’s rock, so many songs I know but I learnt one new artist:

Wow! He wrote Sugar Sugar as well for the Archies. I love this song, it is so wonderfully 70’s.

I love a lot of the songs that I know and earlier in my life I dismissed, but Elton John still only a few – most I still dislike. Funny how certain songs still leap out at me:

America – sister golden hair

Dolly Parton (all)

Crystal Gayle – don’t you make my brown eyes blue

Shirley and Co – shame shame shame

70’s Rock was originally published on Dreaming and Doing

Shock, Horror etc

Well, today was unexpected! Never mind electoral college, rather people storming the Capital and people getting shot. And then the blame game, fuck me! I watched it live, thanks to the magic of twitch streaming, and it was proud boys, white supremacists (are they the same?), mainly overweight white men, but not all – a guy dressed in head dress with horns! and some woman. They feel Biden stole the election and the moron in chief enabled them. Lots of WTF welcome to wednesday?

Watching these morons makes me wonder lots of things and one of them is why? They called us sore losers with the Woman’s March and Pussy Hats – but outright sedition and breaking and destroying stuff is not a sore loser?

Well, so far 2021 is not great!

Shock, Horror etc was originally published on Dreaming and Doing

Covid-19 Testing

I got tested today, for the first time! Isn’t that amazing? I had the antibodies test back in September I think, or later but no real worries about exposure. Last weeks flight back to SF was the first time I was scared I was exposed.

I waited 6 days to get my test, so antibodies would be easy to spot. The test itself was nothing, no pain, no serious stick up the nose etc. The main issue was getting to Drs office on time and dealing with others. The Dr said if I test negative I was all good :), which was a relief.

Hard to believe this virus has become our new reality. All over the world people are dying because of it, or lockdowns, or secondary infections and causes. Makes you wonder why we are so careless with life.

Ok Let’s Us Begin

Today is the first Monday of 2021, that means all healthy habits start today, all New Year Resolutions etc.

What a burden to be a Monday you carry this heavy load. Practically rocks, and by Thursday it has fallen away. All the advice lately is make small changes, incremental that you can continue, what a weird about face in the last two years.

Tomorrow I get Covid tested – not looking forward to that.

Today I buy vitamins – maybe tasty gummy ones?


Well I made it through 2020, not how i thought i would either. I look back at 2020’s January 1st posting, and I am shocked how happy and carefree things feel, when in reality the virus was bearing down already. How could we know so little, be so connected and yet so disconnected?

Hopes and dreams for 2021?
– get through it
– get vaccine
– hope I don’t have Covid-19 when I get tested Tuesday
– travel
– hug someone, damn I miss hugs

simple stuff. Bigger dreams?
– eat healthy
– exercise more
– write more
– read more
– stop doom scrolling