So the last few months have been really unsettling, as in my normally quiet neighborhood has had a lot going on.

I had some friends stay with me, for a month, Black had just gotten out of hospital and needed a place to stay and his girlfriend Tina was going to stay as well to help him. So luckily they were at my house for some of this.

First off was the guy who murdered a woman a few streets over, tried to escape down my road, not realizing it was a cul de sac, he then drove across my neighbor – George’s lawn – destroying the car he stole, and the lawn. He fled across the creek and was eventually tear gassed out of the house behind me. This all went on while I was at work and Black and Tina were home, Black was just out of hospital in a back brace and phoned me to inform me police with shot guns were in my yard! By the time I got home the tow truck was hauling the car away and cops were just hanging around talking and cleaning up.

Next was another neighbor going crazy, and I mean crazy. ‘L’ had acted weird on the weekend yelling at Andreas about cars parked in front of my house, but I thought that was just residual from him having a party the day before. Then while at work, across the street neighbor Kelly texts me to tell me ‘L’ is running about in a towel, and ringing her doorbell. He had informed her he was going to Florida, packing up his life, the world was ending, and that he was going to clean up the neighborhood. She was a little spooked. He then ran about rolling in people’s lawns and communing with nature. The police were called and once again George tried to talk to ‘L’, he succeeded in getting ‘L’ out the road, but at this point ‘L’ was naked and peeing on himself. So ‘L’ went to Grady, his parents came and tried to sort things out.

The next major ‘circle'(my area is called ‘the circle’) excitement was sadly my neighbor Sam died. He had been ill for a while, and he had a drug problem, but he was nice neighbor, quiet and calm. His nephew had moved in to keep an eye on him, but he worked a lot. He hadn’t heard from Sam, and so checked on him in the middle of the day and Sam had died in his sleep. So that meant fire trucks, coroner, police and questions and eventually the funeral home to take Sam out the house. And then telling all the neighbors and his family as the nephew was too upset to make the calls.

And that brings as to the lack of water weekend to Dekalb County and the house two doors up being on fire! Yep, driving home and over the hill I saw smoke, so I think wow, a bar-b-que and odd for Friday afternoon, and so hot today. As I cleared the hill I realized smoke was coming out the windows of the house, and no-one was around, I missed my driveway, stopped my car and called 911, as the operator asked me was I sure the house was on fire…luckily George drove up, and called his wife and got her to call her sister(whose house it was), thankfully no one was inside and the kitty – Gray – ran to my house. It took about 8 or so firetrucks to put the fire out, due to lack of water pressure and water. But, no one was hurt! And all animals safe.

Finally to cap my 3 crazy months off, my neighbor ‘L’ went crazy again, threatening to kill people, trying to run people over and the cops were called, he was not taken away, but his parents are back, and he is apparently mad at me, for trying to have him arrested. But I feel when you have sword and threaten to kill me, all bets of good neighbor behaviour are off. He is still not stabilized and though I am not scared of him, I don’t want to deal with him. He is still ringing doorbells, and having manic episodes. I want him to get help, but at the same time I just want him to move away.

So when my friend Anne generously offered me the opportunity to go to Mexico with her for five days, I said yes! I really just want a break from the crazy and maybe a chance to relax, reset and recuperate. So off I go on Wednesday to Mexico.

3 thoughts on “WTF

  1. o o o
    what an exciting time in your street I am so glad I was not there as I would be terrified and I am a South African
    Poor George certainly had a time of it and you must take car
    Mexico sounds wonderful so enjoy
    If you have bucks and nice pair of Mexican silver ear rings for your Mommy would be nice
    you can tuck them away for when I come across for my 70th
    not to dangly please as at 70 one does not want to advertise that gravity is here to stay
    love you lots and enjoy

  2. It wasn’t scary, just unsettling. I will take care in Mexico, and I hope you are saving to come sooner than 2 years!

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