Happy Sorta Birthday USA

This last weekend has been quiet, as I have been alone a lot which is super nice and peaceful.  I also got some stuff done on the house, which required a trip to Ikea on Sunday – wow, now I remember why I go during the week.


Anyway, Rick my wonderful handyman, came by and fixed the leaking toilet, hung shelves, hung curtains, and even sorted out hanging pictures.  Whew!  Plus he came back today to start filling in a doorway, so the house has three rooms, not two rooms and a walk through junk room.


Yesterday I grilled out and bought ribeye, woah, I forgot how expensive good meat is, I normally don’t buy meat anymore,  sticking to chicken and fish from Costco, bought in bulk and then frozen in packets.  But, I splurged and Greg was coming for grilling out and I haven’t seen him in almost 6 weeks.  The meal was perfect!  I did the grilling, ribeyes (medium rare), chicken thighs (crispy golden), corn and baked potatoes with truffle salt.  Plus a caprese salad.  I was going to do grilled peaches with mascarpone cheese, but we were full up, and about to leave to go watch the fireworks.


I love the fireworks at Lenox, it is one of my great memories of the USA is watching them and being wowed.  So that is what we did.  We caught MARTA to Buckhead Station and walked on over, it was quick easy and stress free.  Surprisingly this year the cops did not close Peachtree Street off early enough, so there were cars stuck while people watched fireworks.  Which was odd, and a little distracting.  There were some cool colours and newer explosions, and I loved it.  The MARTA back was just as easy and stress free, definitely the way to go.


Today was my first day back at yoga, oooh, I am unfit and stiff, and tight.  Hopefully I will go a bunch this month to release the tension in my shoulders and back.


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