Bleu, Color Trilogy

Victo Ngai

2016 marks 20 years since the death of Polish film director Krzysztof Kieślowski. I have the great honor to work with MK2 Productions in France and the great Black Dragon Press in the UK, which I previously collaborated on Tarkovsky’s Solaris Posters with, to celebrate his work by bringing you a set of original art posters for what turned out to be his last work, the iconic Three Colours Trilogy.

“Trois Couleurs: Bleu”, an epic 11-colour, 18” x 27” screen printed poster is the first of this series. In this single image, I attempted to capture the overall mood and structure of the film. To our heroine, the color blue is the devastation of losing her family to a car crash, but also the safe haven of a public swimming pool, where she learns to heal and eventually let go.

Bleu officially goes on sale this Thursday October 6th at 6pm UK time, but up until then you can subscribe to the whole series for the special price of £40 per print plus a one off shipping charge. Otherwise you can purchase Bleu on its own for £50 for the first 40 orders, £70 for the following 40 and £90 for the last 20 orders. The final edition number will be the number of subs + 100.

Subscribe and get the whole set at a great discount now! http://blackdragonpress.bigcartel.com

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