Hello Monday :)

So I had a great weekend, filled with people, alone time, music and ice cream!

Firstly after yoga on Friday I caught the ferry to Larkspur with Danny (who ran to the ferry as he was late). We were picked up by his Sheila(Charlie’s cousin) and Myrna(her g/f) and we went to their house, they all had some sangria and smoked some pot, while I had some water and read some of Myrna’s recipes.

About an hour later we piled in the car and went off to Carol(Adam and Danny’s mom) and Charles’s(her husband) airbnb, that they are staying at for the month of July. It is right on a hill in San Anselmo, so a wonderful view.
We ate a lovely meal, and then Myrna produced a blueberry cobbler which was divine. I was so full after everything, and after drinking much vodka! So I went to bed pretty early. After watching Ben (Adam and Danny’s nephew via his brother) fly his drone.

I woke up early saturday, not early enough to see the sun rise though :(, but early enough the house was still quiet. I read a bit and then it was household awake time and normal family drama time – luckily I am merely an observer. Breakfast was lovely as, how can you go wrong with bagels and lox?

Back to SF on the ferry and home, to relax, clean up my room, and clothes and relax a while. Then time to get ready to go see Planet of The Drums with AK1200, DJ DARA, and DieselBoy. My friend Bonnie, met me at my place, we drunk red wine, ate cheese and olives and bread, then off we went. Kindly Dara put me on the guestlist with VIP so it was pretty cool, I got to say hi and dance all night – or to about 2am. Then a nice walk home.

Sunday, I might have slept in a bit, then woke up and showered and Matthew and I decide to go get vegan burgers for dunch, as it was almost 12 already. We walked to the food truck park and had burgers, then home to relax. At about 3 I was antsy and so I suggested we go to the ferry building and get ice cream. We caught the bus down, and on the way passed The Warfield, and Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is playing there! I pointed it out to Matthew, and he immediately bought tickets! His friend doesn’t want to go, so I get to go :).

At the Ferry Building, we got Humphry Slocombe ice cream – I got Blue Bottle Viennese Coffee – and then walked along the pier for a bit, and watched the fishermen. Home to relax and finally to bed.

Matthew Eating Peanut Butter Fudge Ice Cream

View From House in San Anselmo

DJ Dara Djing

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