#RIP my beloved mother, who passed away Thursday the 31 August 2017 at 1pm. She was a wonderful woman who lived life wholly. My mother was not just a mom, she was someone who was incredibly kind, gentle and funny. My mother loved leopard prints, bling and tasteful jewelry. My mother woke up everyday to make my sister and I breakfast at 6:30, but she didn’t revolve her life around her children, but rather included them in her life. With her we picnicked in cemeteries, we ate ice cream on many a wharf, we went on seaside holidays and hunted for mussels, oysters, and alikreukels. She made many trips to the USA to see her beloved grandchildren. She will be missed greatly by all. I love you mommy. #DawnElaineWebster (at Johannesburg, Gauteng)

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