Hackathon at The Iron Yard

I am spending my weekend learning about how not to work in groups, and what to do. This weekend I was part of a Hackathon at the Iron Yard in Atlanta, and my group was assigned to build a file sharing app, with ease of use, and no limit on space, and the ability to set an expiration date/time, and a mobile app to go along with it! Tall order for two days of work.

What have I learnt? I learnt that deciding what environment you work in is a huge aspect, I also learnt that speaking the same language does not mean communication.

But, we did okay, our rails programmer, ‘Taylor’, worked his little heart out, and my front-end partner ‘Thomas’ also did a great job. I did mainly design, and concept work, which is odd. ‘Arthur’, our mobile, iOS dude seems to have made his end work as well.

Fun fun!

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