March 8, 2021

I wish when typing the date it said it in a Captain’s Log Voice as that is what it feels like. Almost a year of Shelter in Place, Stay At Home, Lockdown etc. Masks are normal, we all spend too much time on social media and I miss people.

Today is also International Women’s Day so lots of lip service to how great woman are. But, still fewer woman in positions of power, woman mainly lost their jobs due to the pandemic, woman provide the brunt of care. Women tend to be victims of sexual assault, women are more often victims of coercion, woman are murdered by a loved one at higher rates… Shall I go on? International Women’s Day my ass. More like let the women have day to feel special, post about them, but then right back to normal.

I am not even extra mad, just normal low grade mad, isn’t that sad? The DA here in SF seems, to think that rape is ok to be on release:

Par for the course, and the last person he had on release that made the news killed two people..

But, I bet if a fancy fintech bro was killed way more outrage. Cynical much?

Todays todos:

  • Date with Charlotte (zoom)
  • Contact lense ordering
  • Date with Jessica ? (zoom)
  • Photo sorting on mac

Happy Monday

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