Yesterday was wonderful. I had breakfast @alchemist_project delicious coffee ☕️

Then @niconography picked me up. A quick stop for #califoniadonuts

Then a super hot @cruelworldfest #cruelworldfestival2022 (note parasol in back it was invaluable I did not get sun 🌞)

A few photos only as I tried to stay in the show and not pull out phone at all. @trstmusic


And a brief snippet of @thechurch_band who blew me away.

Full moon 🌕 at the end

All in all I saw: #sextile, #coldcave, #45grave, #tr/st, #pil, #thechurch, #pschedelicfurs, #berlin and #blondie

It was pretty epic. Lots of water was drunk and lots of sunscreen applied. (at Rose Bowl)

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