Monday Afternoon

Survived the weekend, I rescued a possum, I did not do laundry, I helped Adam with his yard sale, I played nerf football with Noah, Aaron and Luke (5, 3, and 2 years old respectively), I went grocery shopping and I saw Warpaint. I did not bake, I did not clean and I did not work on my Halloween costume. But, I did get some sleep, and I did relax a little. Plus, thanks to Matthew I understand filter, where, and findWhere in underscore.js a lot better.

The yard sale went ok, not great, but Adam cleaned out a fair amount of stuff, plus I got a haircut at Bloomingdales for free, or rather for buying this amazing shampoo by a stylist called Moses. Then it was off to potluck at Greg and Melissa’s house. Charlotte and Mike came, and so I hung out with my nephews and Brenda(Greg’s mom), home by 8 and bed by 9:30, sadly I missed Sumera’s going away party but I was way to tired.

Up Sunday to get all my errands out the way. But, first I had to rescue a possum from my trashcan :(, he looked half drowned, I was nervous about it, but about an hour later he was gone. So grocery shopping, run by Wax’n’Facts to get new CDs and Aurora for coffee, then home to start working on API and learning the filter function in javascript. After much help from Matthew I even moved on to where, and findWhere in underscore’s library.

Got most everything working in time to go to Variety Playhouse to see Warpaint. I chatted to Cliff and Lisa and even Jeff Clark.

Sadly, I was so tired, I had to leave by 10 and get to bed by 11:30.

Warpaint at the Variety Playhouse Oct 19, 2014
Warpaint at the Variety Playhouse Oct 19, 2014

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