One Year On

Happy π day! Such a weird thing to celebrate, people make fun of Valentine’s Day but then celebrate a number day with pie? weirdos

So todays scary news is the Sarah Everard killing, by a cop in the UK. And the fact that almost all women relate to the judgement calls she made. Wearing sneakers to be able to run, took a longer route as well lit, and told her b/f when she left. Maybe the calls to have men have a curfew is not so unfounded.

I mean what else can a woman do, I am so tired of hearing “men get raped too, men are abused too”. Guess what at this point I don’t give a flying fuck. I am so tired of not making eye contact, of walking rapidly, avoiding areas, making myself small, but not to small. Making myself not a target. I mean why, so I don’t drive a guy wild with lust? Pfft, we all know it is not that, it is control. It is owning. It making small, I don’t want to be small, I want to own my space, and be secure in it.

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