Such funny dreams last night. I dreamt I was rolling and when I woke up, in my dreamstate I was not sure if I was or wasn’t. I later woke up again and heard music and saw flashing lights. I feel like my dreams are more reality than I can stand.

I have a house I live in in my dream world, tall roofed, long windows and long planked floors. It is two story and I have never been upstairs, I know the entrance way, the kitchen I have seen, the lounge with windows opening onto a forest, no furniture though I feel it is lived in, and every so often I see a study, with books and chairs. The lounge is where I seem to spend my time, listening and watching, I am never impatient there, just there.

I dream in colour, but not words, I almost never hear words in my dreams, I know what people say, but I often have long conversations. I dream in the here and now as well, I dream the future fairly often, and I try alter the past in my dreams. I do dream music though, lots of music. I dream trees and space music, “music of the spheres”. And I dream of animals.

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