Day 6

Friday was an adventure day! I managed to drive to the Lenox Mall and have my facial at Clarins. George-Anne used the Clarisonic on me and it felt amazing, my skin felt so nice and soft. Afterwards I limped off to the Sony Store and returned my Ebook Reader power cord, they were most unhappy and tried really hard to encourage me to buy something. I successfully resisted and limped back to my car. Stopped on the way home at Whole Foods and met Matthew for lunch. I eventually meandered home and passed out on the couch for several hours as my foot was killing me.

That night we met up with Greg A and his new g/f Gwen for dinner at Ormsby a new bar in the Westside, the food was pretty good, the beer list amazing, and no smoking inside, it was just really loud. Home and to bed. I caved in to the pain and took my second Loratab of the day :(.

Next morning I felt a lot better and managed to stand for a shower, and then make a meal plan for the week:mealplan I was pretty proud of actually getting it all to work and think it all out. So then off to grocery shop and pick up mail and run some small errands. Thankfully Matthew drove :). After all was done we ended up at Carroll Street Cafe and then Anne’s house for Apples to Apples and Rock band.

Today was Spring Forward Day and work. Foot was feeling a little better, but still no putting on a shoe, so strapped up and in funny medical shoe off to work I went. The stairs at work were scary, but I did it and sat a lot of the day pricing records and running register. By six though I was pretty tired, so home for dinner: Linguine with Asparagus and Pine Nuts, and then I made Orange, Banana Crepes for dessert.

Now Matthew is trying out his culinary skills by making scones – dried cherry orange – and I am getting ready for sleep.

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