My neighborhood is so lovely. I went to up the hill yesterday and the trees outside @gracecathedral are starting to bloom!

Walking down California street I finally took a photo of the @fnnch bear.

Next up was a lovely brunch sandwich @janeonlarkin.

Relaxing Sunday!
#sunday #sf #walking #blooming (at San Francisco, California)

Caught the ferry yesterday and captured the sunset coming back to SF and behind me was the moon over the Port of Oakland. So lovely.
My new phone though, really helps with picture taking, I am now able to capture a little more 😀

#sunset #moonrise #sf #oakland (at San Francisco, California)

Got up in time to see the sunrise this morning. Got my groceries, got coffee and made it to the Civic Center Farmers Market!
Citrus is not fully in yet, but apples and persimmons were abundant. But, these squash looked amazing as did the orchids.
#farmersmarket #squash #orchids #sunrise (at San Francisco, California)

Brief encapsulation of my day.

Got my turntable and speakers set up. Took a while to get all the pieces 😊. But sounds great.

Stopped by art opening @hashimotocontemporary and got a @feliciachiao sketchbook! Which she kindly signed for me! Loved the art maybe later I can pick up a print 😀😀

And finally a small walk today through downtown deserted SF and blue blue sky.

#directdriveturntable #clout #happy #sculpture #sf #longweekend (at San Francisco, California)

Today’s trio!

Met @nrfblog today for coffee and a walk around! We met @homesf for coffee and the coffee was delightful. What you don’t see is the strawberry mochi donut 🍩 I inhaled!

Afterwards I walked to the @ferrybuilding and snapped this cute seagulls who wanted to eat my sandwich.

Then @christianjscissorhands tidied up my bangs and made me very presentable 😂.
You can see my rainbow 🌈 planter with the cute plant from @ichbinjmh in the background!

#saturday #sanfrancisco #walking #coffee #ferrybuilding #seagulls #haircut (at San Francisco, California)