One Year On

Happy π day! Such a weird thing to celebrate, people make fun of Valentine’s Day but then celebrate a number day with pie? weirdos

So todays scary news is the Sarah Everard killing, by a cop in the UK. And the fact that almost all women relate to the judgement calls she made. Wearing sneakers to be able to run, took a longer route as well lit, and told her b/f when she left. Maybe the calls to have men have a curfew is not so unfounded.

I mean what else can a woman do, I am so tired of hearing “men get raped too, men are abused too”. Guess what at this point I don’t give a flying fuck. I am so tired of not making eye contact, of walking rapidly, avoiding areas, making myself small, but not to small. Making myself not a target. I mean why, so I don’t drive a guy wild with lust? Pfft, we all know it is not that, it is control. It is owning. It making small, I don’t want to be small, I want to own my space, and be secure in it.

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March 8, 2021

I wish when typing the date it said it in a Captain’s Log Voice as that is what it feels like. Almost a year of Shelter in Place, Stay At Home, Lockdown etc. Masks are normal, we all spend too much time on social media and I miss people.

Today is also International Women’s Day so lots of lip service to how great woman are. But, still fewer woman in positions of power, woman mainly lost their jobs due to the pandemic, woman provide the brunt of care. Women tend to be victims of sexual assault, women are more often victims of coercion, woman are murdered by a loved one at higher rates… Shall I go on? International Women’s Day my ass. More like let the women have day to feel special, post about them, but then right back to normal.

I am not even extra mad, just normal low grade mad, isn’t that sad? The DA here in SF seems, to think that rape is ok to be on release:

Par for the course, and the last person he had on release that made the news killed two people..

But, I bet if a fancy fintech bro was killed way more outrage. Cynical much?

Todays todos:

  • Date with Charlotte (zoom)
  • Contact lense ordering
  • Date with Jessica ? (zoom)
  • Photo sorting on mac

Happy Monday

70’s Rock

Listening to Kimball Collins Blitz channel on Twitch and tonight is 70’s rock, so many songs I know but I learnt one new artist:

Wow! He wrote Sugar Sugar as well for the Archies. I love this song, it is so wonderfully 70’s.

I love a lot of the songs that I know and earlier in my life I dismissed, but Elton John still only a few – most I still dislike. Funny how certain songs still leap out at me:

America – sister golden hair

Dolly Parton (all)

Crystal Gayle – don’t you make my brown eyes blue

Shirley and Co – shame shame shame

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Monday Afternoon

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Survived the weekend, I rescued a possum, I did not do laundry, I helped Adam with his yard sale, I played nerf football with Noah, Aaron and Luke (5, 3, and 2 years old respectively), I went grocery shopping and I saw Warpaint. I did not bake, I did not clean and I did not work on my Halloween costume. But, I did get some sleep, and I did relax a little. Plus, thanks to Matthew I understand filter, where, and findWhere in underscore.js a lot better.

The yard sale went ok, not great, but Adam cleaned out a fair amount of stuff, plus I got a haircut at Bloomingdales for free, or rather for buying this amazing shampoo by a stylist called Moses. Then it was off to potluck at Greg and Melissa’s house. Charlotte and Mike came, and so I hung out with my nephews and Brenda(Greg’s mom), home by 8 and bed by 9:30, sadly I missed Sumera’s going away party but I was way to tired.

Up Sunday to get all my errands out the way. But, first I had to rescue a possum from my trashcan :(, he looked half drowned, I was nervous about it, but about an hour later he was gone. So grocery shopping, run by Wax’n’Facts to get new CDs and Aurora for coffee, then home to start working on API and learning the filter function in javascript. After much help from Matthew I even moved on to where, and findWhere in underscore’s library.

Got most everything working in time to go to Variety Playhouse to see Warpaint. I chatted to Cliff and Lisa and even Jeff Clark.

Sadly, I was so tired, I had to leave by 10 and get to bed by 11:30.

Warpaint at the Variety Playhouse Oct 19, 2014

Warpaint at the Variety Playhouse Oct 19, 2014

Hackathon at The Iron Yard

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I am spending my weekend learning about how not to work in groups, and what to do. This weekend I was part of a Hackathon at the Iron Yard in Atlanta, and my group was assigned to build a file sharing app, with ease of use, and no limit on space, and the ability to set an expiration date/time, and a mobile app to go along with it! Tall order for two days of work.

What have I learnt? I learnt that deciding what environment you work in is a huge aspect, I also learnt that speaking the same language does not mean communication.

But, we did okay, our rails programmer, ‘Taylor’, worked his little heart out, and my front-end partner ‘Thomas’ also did a great job. I did mainly design, and concept work, which is odd. ‘Arthur’, our mobile, iOS dude seems to have made his end work as well.

Fun fun!

Morning World

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Up early, atThe Ironyard, turned in my homework, and I am slowly grasping CSS, html, I actually knew more than I thought. Plus I learnt git and github, and the power of taking a nap.

Not sure why people all leave home at the same time to drive in traffic. Wow! Traffic is not great, but a good playlist and Waze make things a lot easier.

Banned Book Week

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Today driving to meet Greg for breakfast, at the unholy hour of 8am!, I was listening to NPR, and there was a brief discussion of Banned Book Week. I knew this was happening and I even wrote very serious paper on it for my Library Science class last year. I feel incredibly strongly that information should be available to all. I might find it offensive, I might think it is ‘bad’, but I cannot say you cannot read it! Often I look over the band book list and realize I have read almost all of the books for school, college or entertainment value. Some I found boring, some I loved, but all shaped my thinking process, and that is important!
Just looking at the list of top ten books from 2013, is sad:

Captain Underpants (series), by Dav Pilkey
Reasons: Offensive language, unsuited for age group, violence
The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison
Reasons: Offensive language, sexually explicit, unsuited to age group, violence
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie
Reasons: Drugs/alcohol/smoking, offensive language, racism, sexually explicit, unsuited to age group
Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James
Reasons: Nudity, offensive language, religious viewpoint, sexually explicit, unsuited to age group
The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins
Reasons: Religious viewpoint, unsuited to age group
A Bad Boy Can Be Good for A Girl, by Tanya Lee Stone
Reasons: Drugs/alcohol/smoking, nudity, offensive language, sexually explicit
Looking for Alaska, by John Green
Reasons: Drugs/alcohol/smoking, sexually explicit, unsuited to age group
The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky
Reasons: drugs/alcohol/smoking, homosexuality, sexually explicit, unsuited to age group
Bless Me Ultima, by Rudolfo Anaya
Reasons: Occult/Satanism, offensive language, religious viewpoint, sexually explicit
Bone (series), by Jeff Smith
Reasons: Political viewpoint, racism, violence

So many kids books.

But looking at the Top 20:

1. The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald
2. The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger
3. The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck
4. To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee
5. The Color Purple, by Alice Walker
6. Ulysses, by James Joyce
7. Beloved, by Toni Morrison
8. The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding
9. 1984, by George Orwell
11. Lolita, by Vladmir Nabokov
12. Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck
15. Catch-22, by Joseph Heller
16. Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley
17. Animal Farm, by George Orwell
18. The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway
19. As I Lay Dying, by William Faulkner
20. A Farewell to Arms, by Ernest Hemingway

Is even worse, all those classics. Read a banned book!

Labor Day Weekend and Updates

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So after my big news last week Instagram Post that I was quitting Wax’n’Facts, I still had Labor day weekend to get through! I had requested off months in advance so my last week was only going to be three days long, but I am going in today for a bit, just to help out.

Labor Day weekend has so much to offer it seems weird. But instead of Dragon Con I choose the Imagine Music Festival. Something different and I did it on a whim. I bought tickets on presale with no dj’s announced or bands, not even a venue. It was so worth it! It was well run, and fun, and beautiful. The park looked lovely, the security was lo-key, the people were enjoying themselves and there was lots to see: stiltwalkers, hula hoop girls, people dressed up and barely wearing anything, so a lot like Dragon Con in that way :).

Imagine Music Festival 2014

Imagine Music Festival 2014

Saturday I got there early to catch Phuture Primitive, then saw DieselBoy and a bit of Araab Muzik. Greg and I decide to go get coffee at Dancing Goats at that point, and as we did the heavens opened, and it poured down. We sat it out and they closed the festival for about 40 minutes. We then wandered back and saw Megan James(Purity Ring) DJ. Greg left, and I stayed to watch the people and saw Minnesota, and Shwayze(awful) and then Ethan Kath(Crystal Castles) who was brilliant! He had the whole crowd just going wild. I saw Caspa, Seven Lions and Beats Antique, and at barely 10pm, I was exhausted and home I went.

Sunday I woke up all raring to go, so went to Dragon Con for a few hours! Went to the Comic Alley, the Artist Mart and the Vendor Halls, it was great, I didn’t buy anything, but enjoyed wandering around and seeing stuff. Though my toe took a bruising from some guy standing on it. The crowds were insane!

But at about 7pm, back to Imagine Festival, and caught Rusko! and RJD2 who was my highlight. He was so great.
RJD2 short movie .

Then dinner at the bookhouse and home to rest.

Today I will work a few hours, but Thursday is my last day!!!!


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Up at 7:20 this morning to go walking with Andy, funny how it is July and still not a billion degrees here in Atlanta. Normally it would be awful, but lately not to bad, not great, but not awful.

I need to get some work done on my house, I have a vision, vague, of what I would like, but I need help, someone who can plan it out and then a recommendation for a contractor. I think I want to go for the Martha Stewart cabinets in the kitchen, as I looked at Ikea, and the cabinets just felt so flimsy. Then I would like to redo the floor if I am doing cabinets. I do not have enough artistic vision to design and say this will look good. But, finding a designer/contractor/renovator is hard. I have used Kip, and I liked him, but he is a little out my price range. Making my house more open plan would be great. Two years ago I got new windows, and that was a great, I love them a lot!

Work is work, summer is not super busy, but I wish I could do more at work, sometimes the fact it is owned by two people, who do not want to grow, makes life hard :(. But, I still love seeing records every day. I would like more money though, that would be awesome. I am not sure what I could do part time to make more money.

Scowling man

Scowling man

Loop, road trip

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Last Thursday night I rushed home, fed the kitties, waited for Adam (who was stuck in traffic) then got in the car with Greg N, and we drove to Athens, GA to see Loop play at the Georgia Theatre. I have actually never been to the Georgia Theatre, so I didn’t know what to expect, I knew it burnt down and had been rebuilt. But, that was it. It was nice, not great, red velvet curtains, concrete floor to stand on, a small version of the CocaCola Roxy? But, not many people seemed there.

We ate next door at the Branded Butcher, a weird farm to table style restaurant, with interesting sounding food, but odd service and a little pricey for Athens, but it was not crowded, and no drunk frats boys milling about. The fried cauliflower was good, but the sauce was to sweet for me, the chicken liver pate was good, but once again to sweet, same with the bread, good but sweet. Almost everything was a savory sweet pairing, not a big hit with me.

Maserati playing Athens, May 1, 2014.  Georgia Theatre

Maserati playing Athens, May 1, 2014. Georgia Theatre

Then next door to catch the end of Maserati, and put earplugs in.

Loop playing Athens, May 1, 2014, the Georgia Theatre.

Loop playing Athens, May 1, 2014, the Georgia Theatre.

Maserati were good, loud driving and still have that Pink Floyd edge I just catch. I like them, just never think about going to see them.

A few moments of saying hi to people then Loop came on.

A wall of noise and sound, underpinned by melody. Beautiful, cacophonous and stunning. A fairly short set, about an hour and a brief encore with “Mothersky” by Can. I took my earplugs out once, and it was overwhelming, but even with ear plugs my whole body felt the music, was part of the sound. There was nothing uncontrolled about Loop, it was all controlled and finessed, but amazing.

Loop playing Athens, May 1, 2014, the Georgia Theatre.

Loop playing Athens, May 1, 2014, the Georgia Theatre.


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A little rough time for Thanksgiving this year. Not that I am not thankful or anything, just felt extremely stressed. First off I came home Wednesday night after finally sorting out work, and agreeing to work on Friday morning for record store day #2, to a Hana-Cat hurling everywhere. In fact he hurled 4 or 5 times in the space of five minutes. Yuck! I cleaned it up, and checked him out, his bottom seemed a little red and swollen, and he made some funny mewling noise, but he didn’t seem too sick. I then realised my house was cold, very, very cold. Downstairs to check on the furnace, and nope not blowing hot air, in fact no pilot light lit up.

Upstairs to feed kitties, and Hana, did not come eat :( . Instantaneous panic attack! Phone Andreas, who kindly informed me that BriarCliff Animal clinic is 24 hours now, and so phoned them and off I drove. Got Hana there before the mad rush of sick dogs :( , and he got seen and diagnosed after an x-ray, with extreme constipation! They thought it best he stay overnight, for observation, a kitty enama and fluids, and eventually I got home at 11:30.

Now to deal with the heat. I tried resetting the pilot light, I tried flicking switches, and nothing. Adam kindly came over and checked the fuses, and they were all fine. So Badtz and I went to bed with the electric blanket on high.

So Thanksgiving day, I woke up liberated Hana from the vet, paid the bill, came home and started making my portion of the Thanksgiving menu – dessert. This year I tackled:

White Chocolate Mousse with Cocoa Snaps

90g white chocolate, chopped
2 eggwhites
1 ½ tablespoon caster (superfine) sugar
¾ cup (185ml) single (pouring) cream
cocoa snaps
30g butter
⅓ cup (75g) caster (superfine) sugar
1 ½ tablespoon glucose syrup+
2 tablespoons plain (all-purpose) flour, sifted
1 tablespoon cocoa powder, sifted

Preheat oven to 160ºC (320ºF). To make the cocoa snaps, place the butter, sugar and glucose syrup in a saucepan over low heat and stir until the butter is melted and the sugar is dissolved. Add the flour and cocoa and stir until well combined. Set aside for 15 minutes to cool. Roll ½ teaspoonfuls into 10cm lengths. Place on baking trays lined with non-stick baking paper, leaving room to spread. Cook for 8–10 minutes or until bubbly and spread. Allow to cool on the trays.

Place the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water and stir until melted and smooth. Pour into a large bowl and set aside. Place the eggwhites in a bowl and whisk until soft peaks form. Gradually add the sugar and whisk until thick and glossy. Place the cream in a bowl and whisk until stiff peaks form. Gradually fold the eggwhite mixture through the chocolate. Fold through the cream. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours or until set. Spoon the mousse onto half of the cocoa snaps and sandwich with remaining snaps. Makes 14.

They came out really well, and just like the picture! Thank you Donna Hay!

I then packed up everything I needed and went to Charlotte’s house to celebrate and eat, sadly I think from not eating a real dinner the night before, and no breakfast I could not really do Charlotte’s meal justice, though everything was tasty I ate pretty small portions. Home and early bed as it was warm in bed!

Friday morning and woohoo, black friday record store day #2! I got to work and set up and put the heat on, and we were fairly busy, nothing like actual record store day, then after two hours, home time, and some cooking to warm up the house. I miraculously sold my Honda Civic – vroom, and then at about 5 George arrived and fixed the heat! After enjoying the house warming up, I went and got sushi to celebrate my car being sold and then early to bed to read and relax as a lot of stressors lifted in a short amount of time.