funny dream last night. dreamt i was in a new kitchen, a gallery style one cooking breakfast for dinner. i was making bacon, scrambled eggs and toast, when i realized i was cooking for just me and had to share, so i decided to make more toast and give the other person the bacon while, i would have the scrambled eggs. also i was serving pineapple juice with all this.

this dream really disturbed me on some level, could not stop thinking about it, not sure whether it was the kitchen style or the pineapple juice – in a can. or even that i had to interrupt my plans and dinner to share.

Dreams and Birthday Week

Strange dreams last night, all about unforeseen consequences, odd. Filled with branchings off and redoing of things. I wish I could remember more, but even as I type the dreams are slipping away.

I did have a fantastic birthday week though :). First up was last week wednesday when Greg A took me to dinner at Aniswhich was lovely, and I got a nifty watch too. Friday was out with Charlotte and Noah, we went to Shorty’s which was great. Noah slept through the whole meal! That evening I went to Agave for dinner with Greg and I was pretty excited to eat there as I never have and have always heard great things about it. It was awesome. I had ceviche and seared beef tips, and a passionfruit margarita. Excellent!

Later that night I ended up at the Highlander and Independent….Next day was up to clean, put my rosemary in a pot, stack tomatoes, do laundry, clean out closet(so many clothes..) and get nails done, and grocery shop, all before Military Fetish Night at the Jungle(Chamber).

That was waaaay to much fun, I danced and danced and bounced around — as much as you can bounce in 5″ heels — and finally it was bed and painful to get up the next morning.

Sunday at work was not so much fun :(, but I think it was worth it.

This week has been pretty quiet, though a fantastic dinner last night with teka and Jessica.


i dreamt about whales last night, pods of whales crying. they were being separated out and the mothers killed. i did not want to wake, as i wanted to save the whales.

my dreams lately have been filled with death and fleeing, bombs and mayhem, i feel unsettled, therefore my lack of sleep, i think.

I have been having strange dreams lately, almost linear and very clear. Almost like my dreams are walking me through something. I wake up and am confused I am here, in this life.

I went to the Arcade Fire last night, and it was odd. I have not seen a show at the Civic Center in years, lots of years, and I forgot how barn like it was. The sound was a little off and people seemed a trifle intimidated by the venue. I am still not sure how I feel about the show, as towards the end, the band invited everyone down to the front to create more energy, it makes me nervous when people start crowding and acting like morons.

I was sad on the way home. Sometimes I really miss some one to share shows with.

cats and dreams

I got the cutest book in the mail yesterday from shazzamdabran

It is so cute and funny, all cat lovers should read it.

Last night I had dreams I have not had in a long time, dreams about the end of the world. I used to dream all the time about nuclear holocausts, but I think I stopped around 17 or so, but last night all the details were back. I used to read a lot about the end of the world and what would happen if only a few survived (all that sci-fi I read coming back to haunt me.) It always really scared me that a few could determine the end of all that we know.

The book that stuck with me most was Z for Zachariah, I read it in primary school, and it scared me so much. It was not particularly great, but the fear and horror it inspired kept me awake a long time. The next one to affect me was On the Beach. And then the movie When the Wind Blows. There were others in between, I was obsessed for long time about the end of the world, but those are the ones I still think of the most.

In my dream last night, I was alive and trying to find food, knowing I would survive, but not sure for how long. I remember feeling so determined and committed to living, but so alone. I wonder where the drive to survive comes from at times.


Last night I dreamt about the “lost boys of sudan” but, it was Somalian lost boys. I remember the pain of not being able to help the children, and the desolation of the area. I then dreamt about the children coming to America and them being totally lost and confused. I think this bit spoke to me the most. I have read a lot about the movie and the children’s reactions and how they coped, but it is affecting me more than I thought.

The pain of seeing your family die, walking hundreds of miles to a refugee camp, seeing friends die on the way, living in fear the whole trip. Living a refugee camp, then being uprooted once again and flown to America, all your stability is lost, no friends, no family, and trying to make a new life, learn a new language, and all the time, wondering what is happening to the people you have left behind.

more dreams

My dreams are full of imagery if only I knew what they meant.

I dreamt I was waiting for someone at a garden and while there was keeping my eye on this child who was playing. I felt like I was waiting for their parent. But, while waiting two huge dogs attacked the child who ran into the lake to get away. I ran to the next house up, where the dogs were from and tried to get the peoples attention to come help and stop the dogs biting the child – now a young blond boy. They eventually came to the door, and came down to the lake but were ineffective in calling the dogs off, the child was screaming, and the people were just discussing what to do, but no action. Eventually the dogs wandered off and we got the boy out the lake. His parent came up and the people with the dogs just hang out, while I went to check on the boy. He had deep bite marks on him, but no blood, almost like massive puncture wounds, he made no sound and so everyone said he was alright. I wanted to take him to hospital but was over ruled.

I then woke up, tense and desperately thirsty, some water, and straight back into my dream.

Sitting around talking to the dog owners trying to get them to leash there dogs and train them with no luck, while the boy shadowed me. I felt so helpless, I could not make the parent be responsible for keeping an eye on the boy, I could not get the dog owners to take responsibility for their dog actions, and I could not help the boy without permission from all these adults who knew better.


Such funny dreams last night. I dreamt I was rolling and when I woke up, in my dreamstate I was not sure if I was or wasn’t. I later woke up again and heard music and saw flashing lights. I feel like my dreams are more reality than I can stand.

I have a house I live in in my dream world, tall roofed, long windows and long planked floors. It is two story and I have never been upstairs, I know the entrance way, the kitchen I have seen, the lounge with windows opening onto a forest, no furniture though I feel it is lived in, and every so often I see a study, with books and chairs. The lounge is where I seem to spend my time, listening and watching, I am never impatient there, just there.

I dream in colour, but not words, I almost never hear words in my dreams, I know what people say, but I often have long conversations. I dream in the here and now as well, I dream the future fairly often, and I try alter the past in my dreams. I do dream music though, lots of music. I dream trees and space music, “music of the spheres”. And I dream of animals.


I had a wonderful dream the other night, and a lot of my friends were in it. I went on a working holiday to Kenya to take care of elephants, it was great. We were all in a small plane, and flying out to this remote place to look after baby elephants, it was me, lorigami, her husband, shazzamdabran and some other people. We were all getting ready to jump out the plane into a great big river, I woke up so happy I was doing something useful and my friends were with me.

in dreams i speak to you

i had the strangest dream the other night. one of those dreams that is clear and stays with you, and the more i think of it, more details come back to me.

i dreamt i was on a hunt for a treasure, and i found a piece, it was the fourth piece to be found. i found it near, or on an angel statue in portland, oregan, as the clue was – London. after i found it, i knew exactly where the next piece was, in Hungary, Budepest on the angel pointing. i was warned i ws not allowed to find two pieces, but i went and found the ring…i then released the power of the ring and it made God – big G – lose all his power. he was angry and so i went and took a bathe in a small apartment building. the bathe was in the kitchen and a huge copper old fashioned kind. in the middle of my bathe god – now small g – came to thank me and we chatted. he said he was pleased he was not the only god anymore and people could have as many gods as they wanted. he had always planned on giving up his power and knew he would, but was not expecting it when it happened. he was more relaxed and we chatted about housing prices and then i got out the bathe.

the main feeling i got from this dream was i kinda felt like the prophets must have done, “yo, last night god and i chatted and fixed mortgage rates are better – put that in the book.” i really felt we chatted and had a good time, and we were friends. i also can’t express in words how the angels were so happy to be free and be gods themselves and change clothes as the freeing up of the power meant the old ways were in flux and they could have free will. i also got the feeling people had given their power to god and we were now getting it back and we, as people had construted these rigid lines for God to follow, and he was happy to relax and go gardening – or maybe home buying not sure as we talked about trees as well.

edges and dreams

I love how the world melts around the edges, but when you open your eyes to catch it, it is gone.

i dreamt in Tarot cards the other night: a man carrying a cat going to into a door.
a princess in a field. a hot air balloon, and giant water pipes. i have no idea how i knew they were tarot cards, apart from the fact they were snapshots. very saturated with colour, snapshots, the blues and greens were deep and rich.