Dreams and Birthday Week

Strange dreams last night, all about unforeseen consequences, odd. Filled with branchings off and redoing of things. I wish I could remember more, but even as I type the dreams are slipping away.

I did have a fantastic birthday week though :). First up was last week wednesday when Greg A took me to dinner at Aniswhich was lovely, and I got a nifty watch too. Friday was out with Charlotte and Noah, we went to Shorty’s which was great. Noah slept through the whole meal! That evening I went to Agave for dinner with Greg and I was pretty excited to eat there as I never have and have always heard great things about it. It was awesome. I had ceviche and seared beef tips, and a passionfruit margarita. Excellent!

Later that night I ended up at the Highlander and Independent….Next day was up to clean, put my rosemary in a pot, stack tomatoes, do laundry, clean out closet(so many clothes..) and get nails done, and grocery shop, all before Military Fetish Night at the Jungle(Chamber).

That was waaaay to much fun, I danced and danced and bounced around — as much as you can bounce in 5″ heels — and finally it was bed and painful to get up the next morning.

Sunday at work was not so much fun :(, but I think it was worth it.

This week has been pretty quiet, though a fantastic dinner last night with teka and Jessica.