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Minimal Viable Product!

This weekend I start building my final project for the Iron Yard and I am nervous, and tense and worried as it will be the biggest thing I have built, but I am trying to remember all the bells and whistles I want to add on to my app and not the most important things, what is important is that I deliver a MVP:
skateboard to car skateboard to car


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Today I am taking a small break to write out the stresses in my mind. I got up about 15 minutes late, which meant I ran about 10 minutes late for everything, and that translates badly in traffic.

Firstly I made it to my voting place on time, and there was a small line, then there was a minor hold up as registering machines seemed to be glitchy. The actual process was seamless, and I was done pretty quick. But leaving the election station, meant I got caught in school traffic and school busses and parents dropping kids off. So it took me forever to get to school this morning :(, so I got to class exactly at 9, which made me feel discombobulated.

I didn’t get any of my morning rituals done, no water, no putting lunch in fridge, no starting and downloading and reviewing work, so then everything broke in my app. I mean everything. It took until 10:30 and Tim helping until I was caught up, and so I felt I learnt nothing, everything seemed a big swirl of code.

But, now after lunch, I am ready to dive back in.
Georgia Voter 2014

api and merging

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So we are doing group projects at The Iron Yard this week, and I volunteered to do the api work. I did this for two reasons, most the other work is css, and html, which I understand, the other big job was making the project responsive, so it would work on your phone, tablet etc. That interested me, but data collection and using is what fascinates me.

The first contribution I made was colors and styles and naming our project page – we are a Japanese fine dining restaurant. I like messing with design and design ideas, and I have very clear idea of clean layout. All my partners seemed to like my ideas and so we went forward. I must say the design, and layout all look great thanks to Mike, Maggie and Chase.

Our first major roadblock, and really only major road blocks so far the whole project has been github merging our branches. This is the main learning experience so far, learning to work together and merge without to many conflicts.


Thanks to Matthew I got my flickr api mostly working, and I learnt a lot! I still have a ton more to learn, but pulling data and spitting it out excites me.


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Beginning of fourth week, @theironyard, feeling better about somethings, worse about others. JavaScript is kicking my butt, but html, css and ajax are all ok. But, I must admit, that haven’t done to much with ajax yet.

The good: leaning, really stretching my knowledge and pushing me, focus is so important1
The bad: missing my friends, not eating regular meals, feeling at sea a lot.

My weekend which was not super exciting, but I did laundry, and had my house cleaned, and even got my nails done with Jessica, but still feel like I did not much :(.