edges and dreams

I love how the world melts around the edges, but when you open your eyes to catch it, it is gone.

i dreamt in Tarot cards the other night: a man carrying a cat going to into a door.
a princess in a field. a hot air balloon, and giant water pipes. i have no idea how i knew they were tarot cards, apart from the fact they were snapshots. very saturated with colour, snapshots, the blues and greens were deep and rich.

so on wednesday i went to lunch with Troy and while eating i said the most bizarre thing “i feel like going to a movie” now, i rarely go to new movies in theaters, and by rarely i mean maybe four times a year…so then teka called me up and said Batman Begins and i said yes! So friday was off to a matinée – my favourite time to see movie – and it was fun! i enjoyed the story, and the effects were not over the top – the last 20 minute save the world bit was, but a good solid Hollywood movie and B in my book.

then it was 2 hours in traffic to get home, shower and go to nublaii‘s going away party at Halo. It was fun, and nice to see all the people, i left before cake and too much drinking….

saturday was some planning and visiting Milton, as he cut his hand at work, just had to check on him and lecture him for being careless… and then Fry’s and a new monitor for mdaniel. Home and then dinner at the new restaurant in “Ormewood Square” called Sala. I was not pleased with the food, very boring and almost prepackaged tasting. after that i did not feel up to the next going away party at the Compound, so stayed in and did some soul searching, and sleeeeeeping!

today was work – all girls and the Facts! wooohooo! I good day, time passed quickly and all things got done! then dinner with Milton at another new place in East Atlanta, called something or another – more Tacos and better, but still not great. I still love Taqueria De Sol!

now resting and contemplating the week ahead…

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