in dreams i speak to you

i had the strangest dream the other night. one of those dreams that is clear and stays with you, and the more i think of it, more details come back to me.

i dreamt i was on a hunt for a treasure, and i found a piece, it was the fourth piece to be found. i found it near, or on an angel statue in portland, oregan, as the clue was – London. after i found it, i knew exactly where the next piece was, in Hungary, Budepest on the angel pointing. i was warned i ws not allowed to find two pieces, but i went and found the ring…i then released the power of the ring and it made God – big G – lose all his power. he was angry and so i went and took a bathe in a small apartment building. the bathe was in the kitchen and a huge copper old fashioned kind. in the middle of my bathe god – now small g – came to thank me and we chatted. he said he was pleased he was not the only god anymore and people could have as many gods as they wanted. he had always planned on giving up his power and knew he would, but was not expecting it when it happened. he was more relaxed and we chatted about housing prices and then i got out the bathe.

the main feeling i got from this dream was i kinda felt like the prophets must have done, “yo, last night god and i chatted and fixed mortgage rates are better – put that in the book.” i really felt we chatted and had a good time, and we were friends. i also can’t express in words how the angels were so happy to be free and be gods themselves and change clothes as the freeing up of the power meant the old ways were in flux and they could have free will. i also got the feeling people had given their power to god and we were now getting it back and we, as people had construted these rigid lines for God to follow, and he was happy to relax and go gardening – or maybe home buying not sure as we talked about trees as well.

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