cats and dreams

I got the cutest book in the mail yesterday from shazzamdabran

It is so cute and funny, all cat lovers should read it.

Last night I had dreams I have not had in a long time, dreams about the end of the world. I used to dream all the time about nuclear holocausts, but I think I stopped around 17 or so, but last night all the details were back. I used to read a lot about the end of the world and what would happen if only a few survived (all that sci-fi I read coming back to haunt me.) It always really scared me that a few could determine the end of all that we know.

The book that stuck with me most was Z for Zachariah, I read it in primary school, and it scared me so much. It was not particularly great, but the fear and horror it inspired kept me awake a long time. The next one to affect me was On the Beach. And then the movie When the Wind Blows. There were others in between, I was obsessed for long time about the end of the world, but those are the ones I still think of the most.

In my dream last night, I was alive and trying to find food, knowing I would survive, but not sure for how long. I remember feeling so determined and committed to living, but so alone. I wonder where the drive to survive comes from at times.

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