I watched Persepolis tonight, it was funny, and very sad. I don’t know how to phrase the sadness, but it was overwhelming. I kept thinking about the book “Reading Lolita in Tehran” and how in both cases it is women who are blamed. Women are the evil ones who must be controlled, women must be protected, women must be taught their place. I wonder how all this came about, and why 50% of the population does not just say “enough!”?

I think it is because we are taught that women who speak out, and object and who do what they want with out regards to society are “bad” or “bitchy” or “masculine”. Why is that? Why can’t women be proud of not toeing the line, of yelling and screaming, men are?

Anyway, apart from all those things, the movie actually moved me and told a story, I would give it an A.

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