Today I am taking a small break to write out the stresses in my mind. I got up about 15 minutes late, which meant I ran about 10 minutes late for everything, and that translates badly in traffic.

Firstly I made it to my voting place on time, and there was a small line, then there was a minor hold up as registering machines seemed to be glitchy. The actual process was seamless, and I was done pretty quick. But leaving the election station, meant I got caught in school traffic and school busses and parents dropping kids off. So it took me forever to get to school this morning :(, so I got to class exactly at 9, which made me feel discombobulated.

I didn’t get any of my morning rituals done, no water, no putting lunch in fridge, no starting and downloading and reviewing work, so then everything broke in my app. I mean everything. It took until 10:30 and Tim helping until I was caught up, and so I felt I learnt nothing, everything seemed a big swirl of code.

But, now after lunch, I am ready to dive back in.
Georgia Voter 2014

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