Part 1 Day off

Today I took a day off of work and planned a fun itinerary for myself. First stop was a coffee shop that I read about online called Trouble! @troublecoffeeco ❤️. Rated highly for their community feel and cinnamon toast. And they delivered on both. I felt welcome and the cinnamon toast was great.

(My new @fellowproducts togo cup rocks)

I then walked down to see the Great Highway all closed to traffic, and the dunes encroaching on the highway. And that too was glorious, the quiet, the fact the Great Highway is been used for cyclists, roller blazers, kids playing hockey on skates, skateboarders.

I sat on the beach, watched the surfers (brr🥶) and then back to muni for my next adventure!

@tartineinnersunset in the Inner Sunset. I got the salmon sandwich, it was lovely. (at Sunset District, San Francisco)

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